3 Top Reasons We Have Themed Gymnastics Classes

Have you ever wondered why we have themed gymnastics classes? We have put together our top 3 reasons that we have themed gymnastics classes each term and at our holiday tumble camps…

1. To awaken your child’s imagination – We love to awaken your child’s creativity. It’s great to see them getting lost in the story. We create a playful atmosphere by adding appropriate music to their gymnastics classes. We also decorate the gym with banners, streamers and props to add to the fun. 

3 Top Reasons We Have Themed Gymnastics Classes  LEAD COACH AMY SUPPORTS ON VAULT

2. Everybody loves dressing up! – When you find out what the theme is going to be it’s always exciting to plan what you are going to wear. And it’s not just your children that get dressed up, it’s the coaches too! We invite your children to wear costume that they can move around in easily at their class. Dressing up is so much fun and we know that your child learns the most when they are having a fun time!

3 Top Reasons We Have Themed Gymnastics ClassesSEASIDE THEMED CLASS

3. To build a team – Themed classes really help the children to bond with their coaches and their classmates so that they become a team. It’s impossible not to get involved and we want everybody to join in and get into the spirit of things on our themed days. Your child will learn how to work as a team and will make friends for life as they become part of the Flair family.

3 Top Reasons We Have Themed Gymnastics Classes LEARNING TO BACK FLIP

We hope that your child enjoys their ‘Seaside’ themed class this week and if they would like to experience more themes we are pleased to say that every day has a different theme at our Holiday Tumble Camps this summer during the school holidays at our gymnastics clubs in Surrey.

3 Top Reasons We Have Themed Gymnastics ClassesMEDAL WINNING AT OLYMPIC THEMED CLASS

We want your child to create happy memories and by making class days extra special by adding some magic and story-telling we hope that we are building memories that will last their whole life long.



Our Summer Holiday Tumble Camps in Surrey are open to club members and non members and you can book for 1 day or book all week! They are suitable for children aged 4 – 17 years and all abilities are welcome.

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We can’t wait to meet you!

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