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Are you a gymnastics, trampolining or freerunning coach?

What are we looking for?

We are looking for smart and switched-on coaches. Someone hungry and ambitious. Someone who knows that coaching at their club exceptionally well gives our families confidence in our club.
Someone who understands that parental partnership is a key driver of any successful club and that everything else is a close second.
Someone who already understands the difference between your ordinary gymnastics club and what we strive to give our customers ‘utter brilliance!’
Someone who understands it’s the little things that count.

If that is you, then you will love coaching at Flair!

PLEASE EMAIL with a copy of your CV

Coach encourages gymnast at Flair Gymnastics club.

Meet the coaches and find out what they like most about Flair.

  • Working with children and helping them achieve new things
  • Having fun coaching at Holiday Camps
  • Seeing the children develop as they mature
  • Being part of an awesome team
Richard Dwyer (Flair Founder & CEO) and the coaching team

Tell me more about what you are looking for?

  • A gymnastics, trampolining, cheerleading, acro, circus, martial arts or freerunning background (perhaps a former competitor OR coach)
  • Is currently a coach
  • A child care or teaching background
  • Have past coaching experience
  • Is superkeen to continually learn and grow as a coach

Your attitude and creativity are waaay more important to us than your experience to date but you’ll have to stand out from the crowd to convince us why we should invest in you, as opposed to all the other applicants that apply to join us.

Flair coaches are responsible for making our parents say “Wow”.

We don’t just want satisfied customers. We want our parents to be ‘jumping for joy’ over our service.

Flair coaches are creative, have a good sense of humour and are able to inspire others. They bring passion and energy to work with them.

PLEASE EMAIL with a copy of your CV

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