At Freestyle Gymnastics classes your child learns to jump, climb and run under and over obstacles, performing flips and somersaults. If you have a mini stuntman or woman at home, here’s where they can have fun and learn skills, in safety whilst following the structured and progressive Flair syllabus.

They will also learn routines which will be performed at displays and in front of friends and parents during celebration classes.

Freestyle class at Flair gymnastics

Find out more about Freestyle classes by watching this short video.

Meet club members Alex and Jack as they tell us what they enjoy doing most at their Freestyle classes.

Guildford Spectrum
6–10 yrs

Wed 8:00pm - 9:00pm

Guildford Spectrum
10–15 yrs

Wed 8:00pm - 9:00pm

Guildford Sports Park
6–13 yrs

Sat 12:15pm - 1:30pm


Created to help you decide if Gymnastics, Trampolining or Freestyle is the right fit for your child. Working in partnership, so together we can help your child to become the very best possible version of themselves.

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“Many proud moments watching the boys freerun, bounce and do gym! We spend a lot of time being active and Flair has helped build confidence and encourage a healthy lifestyle for both Ollie and Sam. Today Ollie came out so happy because he can do a backflip - one happy boy.”
says Debbie Caunce, Mum of Ollie and Sam

“Ryan gets very excited to go to his class. He's made some really good friends here and it's fantastic to see him making progress.”
says Lisa Hatton, Mum of Ryan

“Matthew has loved improving his gymnastics skills at his freestyle class. He can do lots of flips and tricks now and it's great to see him enthusiastic about sport.”
says Gary Hunt, Dad of Matthew

“Oliver has been coming to Flair for several years, firstly as a gymnast and now as a freestyler. He feels very grown up working on his strength and cool moves with the other lads in his group.”
says Melanie Roberts, Mum of Oliver

“Every week I look forward to hearing what Tom's been working on and he treats me to a demonstration in the park. This has really brought him out of himself.”
says Paul Winter, Dad of Tom

“Josh was very quiet and shy but he's really grown in confidence since coming to these classes. The coaches are fantastic and know how to help the children make progress and feel good about themselves.”
says Michelle Powell, Mum of Josh
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