Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Starting Membership and Your Payments

1.1 Flair Gymnastics pricing consists of two parts: (1) the annual membership fee, and (2) monthly tuition fees.

1.2 The members master start date will be the date that the member first attends after any FREE (no charge) trial class.

1.3 Your first payment will be collected, in advance of your master start date, by a credit or debit card that you agree to register with us and authorise the use for recurring monthly tuition fee payments.

1.4 Your first payment will include your annual membership fee and class tuition fees up until your regular monthly tuition fee payment commences.

1.5 Your regular monthly tuition fee payment will be processed on the 1st of the month thereafter, which is the date each month when your monthly tuition fee payment becomes due.

1.6 It is your responsibility to keep us updated with an ‘active’ payment card that is within its expiry date and with sufficient credit or funds available for the full amount due for your monthly tuition fee payment.

1.7 If your card fails for any reason, we will try to take this payment again and if it continues to fail we will contact you to request using an alternative card.

1.8 We or our agent may charge a fair and reasonable administration fee if your account falls into arrears.

1.9 We may pass any late or missed payments to a collection agency. If this happens we will charge fair and reasonable fees to cover our costs for such action.

1.10 Cancelling your credit card or blocking your payment to us does not mean you have given us notice to end the membership. As shown in the condition ‘Ending Your Membership’, you must give us two months notice.

1.11 If you do not pay for your monthly tuition fees, we may prevent the member from entering the club. This does not mean we will end the membership and you still remain liable for unpaid tuition fees and annual membership fees.

2. Annual Membership

2.2 Annual membership will be due as part of your first payment when deciding to join the club and will run from the members master start date and will become due annually on the 1st of the month in which the master start date anniversary falls.

2.3 Annual membership is non-refundable (after your first 30 days of being a member) and non-transferable

2.4 If you are in your notice period when your annual membership is due for renewal, you will receive a pro-ratered annual membership fee for the period of your notice.

2.5 After the first 30 days of being a member, if you give notice to stop tuition after an annual membership payment has been made, your annual membership fee is non-refundable and non-transferable

3 Termination of membership by customer

3.1 Membership to Flair runs on a rolling basis until you tell us that you would like to cancel.

3.2 You may end the membership at any time by giving us ‘two months’ notice by
phoning our service team on: 01483 654444. Two (2) further (future) monthly tuition
fee payments will be due from that date of giving notice to cancel. The members class
place remains open to attend until the end of this period.

3.3 Notice to cancel cannot be accepted at your club, by email or in writing, it can only be accepted by telephoning the service team on 01483 654444. This is to allow the correct data protection security checks to take place.

3.4 We will confirm your cancellation instruction and the date of your last payment and the date of the members last class during your phone conversation and re-confirm this by Email. Please retain a copy of this for your records

3.5 It is your responsibility to make sure that we have received your cancellation instruction.

3.6 You can end the membership (no notice period) from the first day of the following
month for the following reason: Serious medical illness or injury which cannot be helped
by exercise and you Email to hello@ukflair.com a letter from the members doctor with a
valid practice stamp.

3.7 The member is not entitled to enter the club if the membership has ended.

3.8 Non attendance of classes by the member does not mean you have given us notice to
cancel. You must give us two months notice by phoning 01483 654444. If the member
does not attend, this does not mean that you have cancelled and does not mean that we
will end the membership and you still remain liable for unpaid monthly tuition payments
and annual membership.

3.9 Money Back Guarantee: If you are inside your first 30 days of membership, no notice period is required when choosing to cancel AND all membership and tuition fee payments will be refunded in full if you choose to cancel during this period. We must receive your cancellation instruction inside your first 30 days of membership ‘by phone’ on 01483 654444.
NOTE: This is not applicable to annual payments or gymnastics camps and is for BRAND NEW memberships only.

4 Termination of membership by Flair Gymnastics

4.1 We may cancel the membership in the following circumstances

4.2 Customer or the member break, or continue to break, this agreement or break club rules.

4.3 You or the member use rude or abusive language, or threaten or use violent
behaviour at any club or by phone or email to our staff.

4.4 You or the member act in a way which disturbs other members or other customers
enjoying the club.

4.5 If we end the membership for any of these reasons, you will forfeit any payments
that you have made, meaning, we shall not issue a refund for any payments made to
date. We will also not grant you or the member future application for membership to any
club in the Flair network and you or the member shall not be allowed to enter the club.

4.6 If we decide to change the location or permanently close the club, we will, where possible, give you 1 months notice of the change or closure (either in writing or by email).

5 Changing your monthly payments and changing our terms & conditions

5.1 As a customer you agree to follow rules of membership. We may make reasonable
changes to these rules at any time as long as we give you advance notice of the changes.

5.2 Annual membership rates and monthly tuition fee rates may be increased, known as
a ‘price increase’. We will give you reasonable notice in writing or by email of any price
changes or increases.

6 Discounts

6.1 We operate a sibling discount scheme and a discount scheme for additional classes
that the member attends. Current price and discount schemes can be found online in our
membership support centre hello.ukflair.com.

6.2 We reserve the right to amend or withdraw the discount scheme at any time. We will
give you reasonable notice in writing or by email of any price changes or increases or
change to the discount scheme.

7 Changing our class timetables and operating hours

7.1 Upon joining, you and the member/s are in agreement that the member/s class times
and or day will change during their membership. This is so that we can cater for class
demand and to allow members to be in the most appropriate class for their ability and

7.2 Members will move into different classes at different times and or days from the class
that they originally join, depending on our class timetables that are published in advance of each club term.

7.3 From time to time we may make class day and time changes mid-term.

7.4 We will give reasonable notice of all changes to the class timetables, days and

7.5 Current class times can be found on the Flair website www.ukflair.com.

7.6 If circumstances that are out of our control (such as a venue double booking) false us
to cancel a regular published class date we may attempt to offer an alternative class day,
time or date to substitute this cancelled class, this is known as a ‘make-up class’. This
may be offered at an alternative club to your regular club within our network and will
only be offered if the venue allows us access and where we do not exceed class capacity.
If you are unable to attend, or we are unable to provide a ‘make-up class’ a refund will
not be applicable.

7.7 If we decide to change the location of the club that you are a member of. We will
transfer your membership to the new club location. We reserve the right to change the
location of your club within a 7 mile radius of the existing club. We will give reasonable
notice of all changes to the club venues.

8 Customer Obligations

8.1 You are responsible for paying the appropriate membership costs (annual membership and monthly tuition fees) of all members who are linked to your account. You are also responsible to pay for using facilities, service and products not covered by your membership option.

9 Medical Authorisation

9.1 It is your responsibility as the parent or legal guardian of the member to informed Flair of any medical conditions or injuries that child (the member) has or had in the past, which may affect their ’health or safety’ when participating in classes at Flair. And to list any medication that child (the member) is currently taking or needs to use whilst at class. Also to update Flair in the future with any medical conditions or medication needed that arise after joining that may affect childs (the member) ’health or safety’ whilst participating at Flair.

9.2 By attending a Flair club or class or bringing the member for attendance at a Flair club, it is deemed that you authorise the staff of Flair to seek treatment for any injury that may occur to your child (the member) whilst participating at Flair. And in the event that you cannot be reached you authorise the doctor and, or hospital to perform any necessary emergency treatment.

10 Understanding the Risk

10.1 Due to the nature of the activities at a Flair Club , we wish to inform you that the possibility of serious injury does exist. As part of the classes at Flair, members will participate in vigorous athletic activity, which will include Trampolining, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Tumbling, Stretching and Conditioning. In an effort to make the sports of Gymnastics, Trampolining and Cheerleading at Flair as safe as it can be, the staff will instruct all members concerning the necessary rules and the correct mechanics of all skills.

10.2 It is vital that members follow the coach’s skill instructions, training rules and club policies in order to decrease the possibility of serious injury.

10.3 Members shall be helped in achieving movements by increasing flexibility and by physical shaping of their body by their coaches, under Flair’s guidelines and safe training practices.

10.4 We wish to inform you that severe injuries, including permanent paralysis or death can occur in sports or activities involving height or motion, those activities include but are not limited to gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading and trampoline.

10.5 By attending a Flair club or class or bringing the member for attendance at a Flair club, it is deemed that you assume and ACCEPT ALL RISKS associated with such participation.

11 Use of Photos

11.1 We wish to make you aware that individual and group publicity photos and videos are taken from time to time at Flair clubs and in consideration for you or your child’s participation, by attending a Flair club or class or bringing the member for attendance at a Flair club, it is deemed that you grant permission for your or your child’s likeness to be used in Flair’s publicity or advertising. All imagery is used in accordance to the Flair Photographic and child protection policies.

You – the person who is paying for Flair services, either as member or on behalf of a member (eg. On behalf of your child)
Customer – the person who is paying for Flair services, either as a member or on behalf of a member (eg. On behalf of your child)
Member/s and Your Child – the person or persons who are taking part in classes at the club (normally the child or children of the customer)
We and us – Flair Sport and Leisure Ltd
Your club – The Flair club at which you applied to join or have been transferred to.
Annual membership – a fee that is due when joining and each year thereafter. For clarification: Your Annual membership is separate to your monthly tuition payments
Monthly tuition fees – monthly payments made in advance for timetabled tuition.
Regular Club- The club at which the member attends classes.

Rights Of Third Parties
A person who is not party to this agreement (The Flair terms & conditions) shall have no right under the contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of this agreement (The Flair terms & conditions)

If any part of these terms and conditions is unenforceable, the unenforceability of any other part of those conditions will not be affected

Data Protection
Your personal contact information, the member’s personal contact information are held on our central database in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Your payment card information is securely stored in compliance with the PCI data security standards

If your account falls into arrears we may share your contact information with our collection agent for purposes of payment collection.
We can only discuss your account and the details of the member with the customer (the person who is paying for Flair services). And, if you are not the members parent, with your permission, the members parents or legal guardians.

Governing Law
This agreement will be governed by the laws of England and Wales

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a member of our coaching team at a Flair club. Or you can contact our customer service team by Email: hello@ukflair.com. The Flair website: www.ukflair.com contains copies of membership rules, policies and answers to frequently asked questions. You can also contact us by phone: 01483 654440, or in writing to: UK Flair Head Office Address: Progress House, 17, Cecil Rd., Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire WA15 9NZ

This agreement, the members rules, parents rules and all associated rules, policies and regulation of membership, govern the terms and conditions of membership, members use of our clubs and your relationship with Flair Sport and Leisure Ltd. Please read these documents carefully as they affect your rights and liabilities under the law.

Please note that by attending a Flair club or class or bringing the member for attendance at a Flair club, it is deemed that you accept these Terms and Conditions and agree to be legally bound by them.

Flair Gymnastics (Flair) and Flair Gym Clubs are trading names of Flair Sport and Leisure Limited. Registered in England and Wales, number 07097637 at the registered office address: UK Flair Head Office, Progress House, 17, Cecil Rd., Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire WA15 9NZ

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