5 good habits to teach your child

Children inherit more than just genes from their parents. Your manners, habits and overall view of life tend to influence the person your child will become and your child is watching you at all times!! So, what habits is your child learning from you?..

I’m sure that your child has picked up some great habits from you but it is important to introduce certain habits into your child’s routine from a young age to maximise the chances of them carrying these through into adulthood.

Here are five basic but overlooked good habits we think you should make sure that your child adopts for success.


Making the bedMAKING THE BED

1. Making the bed It has been suggested that making your bed in the morning can improve productivity levels which, in turn, boosts your mood. Not only will your child’s room look tidier, but they will be more likely to achieve their daily goals.

Eating breakfastEATING BREAKFAST

2. Eating breakfast If your child skips breakfast from an early age, it is likely they will carry this bad trait with them for the rest of their lives. Teach them that eating breakfast helps kickstart their metabolism and will energise them for the day giving them both brain and body power!


3. Daily exercise Whether you encourage your child to join a gymnastics club or simply go for a bike ride, making sure they exercise for at least thirty minutes a day is a great habit to form. Aside from the physical aspect, daily physical activity will boost mental wellbeing and help make your child look at life more positively.

Make new friendsMAKE NEW FRIENDS

4. Make new friends This is a skill that your child will require throughout their entire life. Knowing how to confidently build relationships with new people will not only enhance their social life but also their professional one.


5. Reading Although reading is weaved into their school life, please encourage your child to read at home for FUN. Not only will this make them a more confident communicator, but you’re also introducing them to one of the joys of life. Try incorporating reading into their bedtime routine. Reading before bed will help ensure that they sleep well too.

How many of these habits is your child already incorporating into their daily lives? 

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