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8 Lies About Children’s Gymnastics Clubs!

You may have heard lots of different lies about the sport of gymnastics. I’m here to set the record straight… 

1. My child isn’t very flexible so won’t be very good and should not do gymnastics

I have also heard some parents say “Not very strong, or not very coordinated”  
Well this is all the more reason why your child should do gymnastics classes! Gymnastics works the fundamental physical skills that all children need to develop to become fit, healthy and active, including; Speed, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, stamina, power, core stability. Those same skills form the foundations of ALL sports. Get your body learning them as a child and you are set for life to be good at ANY and ALL sport!

8 Lies About Children's Gymnastics Clubs! FLEXIBLE

2. There isn’t much my child can gain from a 1 hour class each week

The NHS recommends that all children get at least 60 minutes a day of physical activity. Part of this should include vigorous activity like gymnastics, so on gymnastics day, that is taken care of for you! And the mindset that gymnastics teaches will help your child form positive habits around exercise meaning that they are way more likely to take part in other sport and keep physically fit when it’s not a gymnastics day, since the vital and very ‘under taught’ life skill of self-discipline is taught as ‘standard’ at gymnastics class. We also highly recommend that your child takes a 2nd or 3rd class of gymnastics each week to super-charge their learning and increase the amount of needed ‘vigorous’ physical activity that they get each week.

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3. My child is too old to start gymnastics

I still do gymnastics as an adult (I’m 41 now) and have met first timers in their 50’s who are just starting out on their gymnastics journey. Do we really want to be telling our children that they are too old to do something new? Society already does this to children and it needs to be stamped out, this can lead to a lifetime of negative association with sport. The fact is, it is NOT too late to start gymnastics. We have plenty of pre-teens and teens taking up the sport successfully each and every term at Flair. They benefit as much as a 4 year old benefits, gaining wonderful enjoyment each and every week at class. The beauty of recreational gymnastics is that it caters for ALL levels and ALL ability and ALL ages. Let’s not squash a child’s interest in trying something new that has so many positive benefits and is heaps of FUN!

8 Lies About Children's Gymnastics Clubs!FUN FOR ALL AGES

4. My child is going to be too tall for gymnastics.

This may be true for some elite level gymnasts where they are rather short, but this is certainly not true of all elite gymnasts. I competed for the South East of England at 6 feet tall and for the level of gymnastics that most children who participate achieve, height is certainly NOT a limiting factor in their ability to progress. Our children get enough negative body type messaging from TV, peers and school. Please don’t buy into thinking that gymnastics is for shorter body types or let your child think this is so.

8 Lies About Children's Gymnastics Clubs!NO LIMITS 

5. I have heard that gymnastics stunts children’s growth

Well it’s just not true. As mentioned, most high-level gymnasts are quite short. However it is likely because smaller, lighter people with shorter levers (limbs) have an easier time doing high-level gymnastics and therefore succeed at a greater rate than their taller teammates. So it certainly is NOT gymnastics that makes them short, it’s by being short it can help you to succeed at elite level in gymnastics. One, two or three hours a week of gymnastics will have ZERO effect on your child’s growth. It will, however, have a hugely positive effect in preventing obesity, strengthening muscles and bones and encouraging a lifetime of fitness and positive mindset towards sport.

8 Lies About Children's Gymnastics Clubs!POSITIVE EFFECTS OF GYMNASTICS 

6. Gymnastics is just for girls

Well, I’m a guy and I did gymnastics from the age of 4 and it allowed me to become a professional TV and movie stuntman, travelling the world and amassing over 350 movie and TV credits. It’s allowed me to become a better gymnastics coach since I understand the learning process of each gymnastics element and it encouraged me to create a gymnastics company where we deliver gymnastics classes to 1000’s of children each week.. Not too bad for a lad who didn’t do too well at school. Well, school just cannot and does not teach the emotional and life skills that you learn as a gymnast. And since gymnastics forms the basis of ALL sports (any sports coach will confirm this) your son will excel in ANY and all other sports he takes part in as a direct result of taking gymnastics classes each week. I have had many dads tell me that their lads football has improved as a direct result of taking gymnastics classes. In fact top gymnastics coach Nick Ruddock is currently working with some premier league football teams as part of their conditioning programmes and is using various gymnastics techniques with them to improve their game!

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8 Lies About Children's Gymnastics Clubs!IS GYMNASTICS JUST FOR GIRLS?!

7. Gymnastics is dangerous

Ermm, not really… Gymnastics coaches receive ongoing professional development training, way more than most other sports coaches, including learning how to safely teach all syllabus gymnastics elements, child protection, risk assessment, first aid and proficiency tests for coaching. Gymnastics coaches are considerably more knowledgeable than the average youth sports coach on topics such as injury prevention, conditioning, flexibility training and proper rehabilitation. Furthermore, many of the injuries in gymnastics are usually repetitive stress injuries due to over training. A gymnast participating in classes once or twice a week is highly unlikely to develop such an injury. Gymnastics when practiced in a club environment with trained coaching professionals who follow safe, logical and developmentally appropriate lessons is relatively safe.

8 Lies About Children's Gymnastics Clubs! IS IT DANGEROUS?

8. If my child isn’t going to be in the elite squad, they shouldn’t waste time doing an hour or two of gymnastics each week

Really?! Gymnastics is a wonderful activity in itself. In addition to the physical benefits of the sport, gymnastics teaches valuable life skills that you just don’t and can’t get in the same way at ‘school’ or from ‘home-life.’ The HUGE character building opportunities and the chance to train with and meet friends. And, because the sport is so much FUN for children to take part in, their learning is accelerated since we all learn faster and better when having FUN… And did I mention CONFIDENCE.. the way that gymnastics is taught with mini-goals and steps to reach goals, creates a unique confidence feedback loop. Ask any Gym Club parent about the effects that gymnastics has on their child and the number one response is that their child’s confidence has improved in spades.

8 Lies About Children's Gymnastics Clubs!GYMNASTICS IS FUN

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