A day in the life of a superhero at Summer Tumble Camp

I went into Guildford Spectrum today to help with the filming of one of our videos for Tumble TV and to see how our Summer Tumble Camp is going. It’s the second day of our first week of Tumble Camp and as I entered the gym I walked into a hive of activity.

The theme today is Superheroes and there are different themed classes each day this week including Disney, Animals and TV Characters. The awesome coaching team were all dressed up in Batman onesies and Superman T shirts. They love getting involved with the themes which helps to motivate the children. Lots of the children were dressed up too!

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a day in the life of a superhero at summer tumble camp THE COACHING TEAM

The children were put into small groups and simultaneously worked on the trampolines, the vault and the airtrack which has a slope at the end that the children can climb up on a rope and they slide down the other side. Perfect for little superheroes!

I got talking to a few of the children. Will, who is 8 years old, told me that this is his fifth year of coming to camp during the school holidays. He is booked on for the whole week and loves it.

A little girl called Amelie, 7 years old, said that she comes every summer and the rest of the time she lives in Saudi Arabia where she loves going to ballet. She proceeded to show me a few dance steps.

a day in the life of a superhero at summer tumble campAMELIE

Then there was a lovely little boy called Peter who was only 4 and this was his first ever day at one of our camps. He wore a great superman costume and told me that he loves to bounce.

a day in the life of a superhero at summer tumble campPETER LIKES TO BOUNCE

There was a boy called Sam who was 6 and was dressed up as Batman and a girl called Clara who was also 6 and dressed up as Batgirl. They both had capes and masks which they couldn’t keep on for too long for obvious reasons and Clara told me gleefully that her mummy had ripped up an old skirt to make her cape. I was pretty impressed with that.

a day in the life of a superhero at summer tumble campSAM’S CLIMBING SKILLS

Clara will be featured in the next Tumble TV video about Tumble Camp which is coming out later this week. Her favourite thing to do at camp is go on the air track. To watch more videos go to www.TumbleTV.co.uk

a day in the life of a superhero at summer tumble camp CLARA PLAYS PEEKABOO

It was great to see all the children having such a fun time whilst they learnt gymnastics. The theme of superheroes was definitely getting their creativity flowing.

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We can’t wait to meet you!

Best wishes,

The Parents Champion

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