Are You A Pushy Parent?

Do you want to win more than your child does? Are you always telling your child how they should be doing certain skills or perhaps you get embarrassed when your child doesn’t win a medal? I understand that you are only trying to help your child so that they can reach their full potential but there’s a fine line between being encouraging and being pushy. Here’s how to get the balance right…

4 ways to encourage your child without being pushy…

A gymnastics coach helps their student. YOUR COACH KNOWS BEST

1. Don’t interfere with the coach
Be the parent, not the coach. Your coach knows best and knows exactly how much to expect from your child and what they are capable of achieving. Remain in the viewing area, if your club has one, stay calm and enjoy watching your child as they learn without constantly instructing your child from the sidelines!

Parents supporting their children at a Competition DaysSHOWING SUPPORT AT COMPETITION DAYS

2. Be supportive
Get involved with your child’s gymnastics journey by asking questions that show you are interested and make sure that you actively listen to what your child tells you. Be encouraging by watching your child practise at home and showing praise. Show support by watching at Celebrations classes and competition days.

A child stands on a podium and high fives their club mascotBEING THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE

3. Don’t compare your child with others
Your child is being the best that they can be and their progress should always be praised. Always praise the effort, not the result. So don’t just praise your child if they win a medal but praise the effort by saying “I’m proud of you for being the best that you can be today.” Perhaps things didn’t go quite as well as they expected them to. If so, it’s ok, it’s time to learn from failure. Show your child love, no matter how they perform. Be there to give your child a hug instead of trying to fix things with words.

A child sits on their dads lap in the audienceBEING A GOOD ROLE MODEL

4. Be a role model
Be aware and mindful as to how you talk to your child. You’re their biggest inspiration and they are paying attention to everything you say and do. If you are enthusiastic and positive about your child’s club and the progress they are making then your child is far more likely to feel the same way and give gymnastics their best shot. 

I hope you find these tips helpful for ways to motivate your child without being too pushy. Thank you so much for all your encouragement. 

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See you soon!

Best wishes,

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