Are You Worried About Your Child’s Fitness Level?

I know how difficult it is to constantly find ways to entertain your child and keep them engaged. Obviously in this increasingly digital world the temptation of putting your child in front of the TV, computer or tablet can sometimes be overwhelming…

And it’s not all bad. There are loads of wonderful programmes on TV for your child to enjoy and learning keyboard skills is also a vital part of your child’s learning. It’s all about balance. 

Are you worried about your child's fitness levelIT’S ALL ABOUT BALANCE!

Coming from a gymnastics background, of course I am going to encourage you to keep your child moving as much as possible. In my opinion gymnastics is the foundation of all sports and it helps your child to not only improve their fitness levels, co-ordination, concentration and flexibility but also to learn life skills like how to work as a team, how to achieve goals and how to become confident kids. By bringing your child to weekly gymnastics classes you are also helping them to appreciate a healthy and active lifestyle and make it part of their daily routine for years to come. 

If you want to make sure your child stays active during the school holidays be sure to secure their place at Tumble Camp or Trampolining Masterclass this summer.


Are you worried about your child's fitness levelENJOYING BEING ACTIVE

I believe that motion is so important that it should be brought into every classroom. Not just when it’s a P.E. lesson. Motion changes our emotional state and gets our mind connected to our body because we learn as a whole being and not just as a brain.

Are you worried about your child's fitness levelTHE IMPORTANCE OF MOVEMENT

Please be mindful and don’t forget about the importance of movement during the summer. We don’t want to be like our American friends where according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) children spend an average of 7 hours a day using media like mobile phones, television, internet and video games!

Are you worried about your child's fitness levelMEETING FLAIR BEAR AT CAMP

With this beautiful summer weather it’s a great time to play outside. Remember your own summer holidays from school. When I look back it feels like the summer went on forever and it’s full of happy memories of playing outside with my friends and cousins making up adventure games often based on some of my favourite films like ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Back to the Future!’ At Tumble Camp the focus is on FUN with lots of games and your child could meet Flair Bear, the club mascot.

Are you worried about your child's fitness levelTRAMPOLINING MASTERCLASSES

A great way that you can help your child stay active this summer is by securing their place at our Summer Holiday Tumble Camps in Surrey or at one of our Trampolining Masterclasses in Guildford. We have tumble camps at Guildford, Weybridge and Farnham. We will keep your child moving whilst they learn gymnastics, trampolining and acrobatics in our fun filled learning zones. 

If you’d like to build your child’s confidence through gymnastics and make sure your child stays active through the school holidays 


We can’t wait to meet you!

Best wishes,

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