Richard Dwyer, Flair CEO, high fives student to build confidence

Top Tips from Flair CEO Richard Dwyer in Raring2Go

Building confidence at gymnastics classes is Richard Dwyer’s (Flair Founder & CEO) passion. Did you spot Richard Dwyer in Guildford’s Raring2Go magazine this month? Richard is their resident confidence expert and has been featured again answering the top 3 questions he gets asked most frequently by parents. Read on to find out more…

Hello Richard. I heard that taking part in a sports activity can help with a child’s school work. What do you think?

“You’re quite right. When children are more active, parents have told us that their grades have vastly improved. This is due to cognitive and physical development going hand in hand. Motion changes our emotional state and gets our mind connected to our body because we learn as a whole being and not just a brain. Frequent physical activity has also been associated with improved behaviour in the classroom.”

Building confidence at gymnastics classes

My child gets very anxious about lots of things like exams and performing at school concerts. How can I help him?

“Frequent exercise is known to decrease stress and anxiety (and also depression) in children and adults too. It also helps lower blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy. Sport is a great way to improve your child’s confidence and therefore help with any anxiety and stress that they may have.”

Building confidence at gymnastics classes

My teenager is getting a bit self conscious about her image. What would you suggest?

When children exercise regularly it helps to promote a healthy self-image. Your child is far more likely to feel positive about how they look and feel, if they take part in regular sports classes with like-minded, positive friends.

When children grow up with sport as part of their lives from a young age and enjoy all the benefits that this brings, it follows that they will want to include sport as part of their adult life too. Exercise and frequent activity for children is essential to develop into happy, healthy and active adults. I’m passionate about building confidence at gymnastics classes.”

Building confidence at gymnastics classes


If you would like your child to become more CONFIDENT through the sport of gymnastics, why not book them a Trial Class?

See you soon at club!

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