Did you finish your Christmas shopping on Black Friday?

I hope you enjoyed Christmas shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They were certainly great days for grabbing a bargain. We did our own Black Friday deal of 10 FREE LEOTARDS to the first club members to place an order at our online shop. Exclusively for club members from our gymnastics clubs in Surrey. Were you one of the lucky ten?…

Sadly, I didn’t manage to finish my Christmas shopping this weekend but I did find a few great deals. My favourite being a pink faux fur coat! Unfortunately I bought this for myself which rather defeated the purpose. However, I did get about 75% of my Christmas shopping finished and all in the comfort of my own home. The joy of technology! How did you do?

did you finish your christmas shopping on black friday


I hope you were one of the LUCKY 10 who received a free leotard, but if you missed out, don’t worry, we are doing a special 25% DISCOUNT at our online shop. This is available to CLUB MEMBERS only. If you are a club member from one of our gymnastics clubs in Surrey you will have been sent an email with your SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE. Don’t forget to put this in at CHECKOUT! This offer is available until Wednesday 20th December. We have sparkly leotards in pink and blue, shiny shorts and hair scrunchies. There are more products coming soon.

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Making Friends-701379-edited.jpgTHE FLAIR CHAMPIONSHIPS

This weekend and next weekend is going to be very exciting as it’s time for The Flair Championships. Your budding gymnast will be preparing themselves mentally and physically for their gymnastics competition and making sure that they know their routines and vaults. Perhaps you’d like them to look their best in a brand new shiny gymnastics leotard for this special occasion. I hope you are looking forward to supporting your child at the event. Are you bringing all the family along?

did you finish your christmas shopping on black friday


Has Auntie Vera been asking you for Christmas gift ideas for your child? Are you trying to avoid receiving a huge pile of new toys that will be discarded after 15 minutes of play? Suggesting a new gymnastics leotard is a great idea as it will be used every week and will last your child all year.

I hope that you and your family have a great time at The Flair Championships. Good luck to all our competitors and most of all have loads of FUN!!

Please visit our online shop and don’t forget to use your SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE. This offer is available to CLUB MEMBERS only until Wednesday 20th December. Happy shopping!

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Best wishes,

The Parent’s Champion

SHOP HERE >> www.GymClubShop.com

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