Did You Know We Do Kid’s Trampolining Parties?

It’s come to my attention that a lot of parents don’t realise that we do trampolining parties! So here’s everything you need to know about our children’s birthday trampolining parties in Guildford…

If you would like your child’s birthday party to be the talk of the town why not book a spectacular TRAMPOLINING birthday party for your child and their friends. BECAUSE…. this PARTY is the most exciting, bouncy, upside down, twisty, super-star TRAMPOLINING adventure…

What happens at a trampolining birthday party?

Your party will be action packed and high energy! The music will be pumping and there will be lots of super exciting trampolining games to play. It will be lead by 2 of your very own party host coaches who are qualified trampoline instructors, both 100% dedicated to just YOU and YOUR PARTY.

How can I book my child’s trampolining birthday party?

Did you know we do kids trampolining parties


Your awesome party hosts will give you an overview of what’s in store including some do’s and don’ts to keep all the party goers safe. The children will learn some standard skills, like tuck jumps and seat drops on the giant professional trampolines before they move on to games time which will be chocker block full of fun games including pom poms, skipping and ‘beach balls.’ Parents can even join in the ‘beachballs’ game if they are up for it! There will be ‘parachute time’ where the birthday child gets the parachute birthday song and the ‘bubble’ bumps! Lots of ‘AIR’ time for all the children is guaranteed.



Where and when are trampolining birthday parties held?

On Saturdays at Guildford Spectrum Leisure Complex.

Who runs the trampolining birthday parties?

Lead Coach Sam from Club Guildford is the Party Planner with a second trampolining coach. Sam supervises and structures each trampolining party making sure each child’s birthday party is a magical experience.

Sam says, “I love creating magical birthday parties for our party guests. FUN is part of my DNA with my favourite party game being ‘beachballs’…Sometimes we let the parents have a go, but only if they are well behaved!”

Did you know we do kids trampolining parties


Is there a minimum age for a trampoline party?

Yes. 5 years old is the minimum age.

Is there a minimum ability level?

No. We cater for complete beginners up to somersaulting expert level!

Did you know we do kids trampolining parties


Can I stay and watch the trampoline party?

We’d love to meet you and you are most welcome to stay and watch (and join in if you are on your best behaviour). We have a great viewing balcony for an aerial view, OR you can get up close to the action inside the trampolining arena!
2 parents/guardians must remain in the party hall throughout the party.

What food options are available for my trampoline party?

Party meals and party areas (once we’ve all finished bouncing) can be easily arranged at a fun, variety of locations around the Guildford Spectrum Leisure Complex. Menu details will be provided when booking your party.

Did you know we do kids trampolining parties


How can I book my child’s trampolining birthday party?

Trampoline parties are available to members and non-members too.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Best wishes,


The Parent’s Champion

P.S. We’re looking forward to seeing you at your Trampolining Party soon.


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