Did You Watch Britain’s Got Talent Last Week?

Wasn’t ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ fantastic this year? There were so many great acts it was hard to choose a winner but I was really pleased that the Lost Voice Guy won. It’s the first time a comedian has won the show and Lost Voice Guy is brilliantly funny…

One of my personal favourite acts that ever won ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is the street dance group ‘Diversity’ and this year we had a treat as ‘DVJ-Diversity Juniors’ entered the show. ‘DVJ’ are a group of child dancers who are guided and choreographed by Diversity’s Ashley Banjo. Their routines were so slick, sharp and creative and complete with two Perry lookalikes in the troupe (Perry is the little one with the big hair!) I think they thoroughly deserved their place in the final.

The more I find out about ‘Diversity’ the more I think that they have a lot in common with our gymnastics clubs. If you would like to find out more about our gymnastics clubs in Surrey why not book a trial class.
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Did you watch britain's got talent last weekMEMORISING ROUTINES

So how did ‘Diversity’ get started? Ashley and his brother Jordan were taught to dance by their mum, Danielle Banjo, a former ballet dancer who trained and performed with the Royal Ballet. She then helped to get the group together and she encouraged them every step of the way. The boys were lucky to have their mum supporting them in the same way that I was lucky to have the support of my mum (a former gym coach) when I started up the first Flair Gymnastics Club in Surrey in 1998. 

Did you watch britain's got talent last weekDANCING

The boys seem to have good values and they continue to live by their motto: Dream, Believe, Achieve. Having strong core values is extremely important to us too and we make sure that our coaching team and staff know and understand them: Confidence, Trust, Family, Adventurous, Passionate, Inspirational, Growth, Humility.

Did you watch britain's got talent last weekEXCITING CHOREOGRAPHY

‘Diversity’ are different in that they don’t have a huge team around them doing their choreography, choosing their staging and costumes but rather Ashley Banjo is the driving force behind them. He drafts the concept, story and stage design himself when it comes to productions and tours and makes the big decisions so that they are in control of the finished product.

Did you watch britain's got talent last weekPERFORMANCE

How can a dance act like ‘Diversity’ still be making headlines? Because they are constantly evolving and progressing. They don’t just settle for what they know and understand but are constantly looking for the ‘What’s Next?’ Apart from their spectacular tours Ashley has made a success for himself out of being a judge on TV shows like ‘Dancing on Ice’ and he raised money for charity as the choreographer and co-presenter of ITVs ‘The Real Full Monty’ recently. ‘Diversity’ often teach at dance academies and they have just launched www.20DV.co.uk which is the online portal to the world of ‘Diversity.’ Creating ‘DVJ-Diversity Juniors’ is another way of keeping ‘Diversity’ alive and in the public eye.

Did you watch britain's got talent last weekMAKING FRIENDS

I am constantly thinking of new ways to make our Flair gymnastics clubs and our gymnastics programmes stand out and be the very best that we can make them. We are constantly evolving and updating ourselves with better offerings, just like ‘Diversity.’ It’s never boring here as we strive to offer you more magic and extra sparkle.

Did you watch britain's got talent last weekSUPPORTING EACH OTHER

If you would like to find out more about our gymnastics clubs in Surrey why not book a trial class.
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