How to achieve your goals at your gymnastics club

This week at Club Farnham myself and the coaches have been working on setting individual goals for the children. We sit and discuss with them a realistic goal that they would like to achieve from now until Christmas and then write this down in their student training diaries.

We have some younger children that have just learnt a forward roll and they speak of having front somersaults as a goal. This is a long term goal, so we explain that we need to break this down so that they can achieve the next progression for a front somi. 

If your child has a goal that they would like to achieve through the sport of gymnastics, please bring them to one of our gymnastics Trial Classes. 


How to achieve your goals at your gymnastics clubLANDING SHAPES

We have spent time practising the gymnasts landing shapes. A few of the gymnasts goals are to improve their landings. We taught the gymnasts how to bend their knees to absorb the shock of landing.

How to achieve your goals at your gymnastics clubLISTENING TO YOUR GYM COACH 

Here we have the gymnasts practising their landings and holding for 3 seconds. It really is interesting to see what the younger gymnasts think 3 seconds is. I often see them get to 1 second and walk off. It is a goal in itself to reach the target of 3 seconds!! Each week improvements are made until the gymnasts reach their goals!

How to achieve your goals at your gymnastics club


Goals are achieved through planned outcomes and not luck. The gymnasts need to work hard and put in the effort to help them achieve…Coach Amy is here motivating gymnast Nuala to improve her posture so she can achieve her goals.

How to achieve your goals at your gymnastics clubFRONT SOMI

I spoke earlier of some of the children’s goals being a Front Somi. Here are some progressions that we do in the gym to reach that goal. We spend a lot of time repeating the following skills below in our classes:


Tuck Shape – a good tight tuck shape.

Forward roll – A good forward roll in a straight line.

Take Offs and Landings.

Dive Rolls.

Front somi with support from a rebound surface.

How to achieve your goals at your gymnastics clubMY TRIAL CLASS

Here we have one of our Trialer’s trying out her first gymnastics class at our gym club in Surrey. My goal for this gymnast is to make sure that she feels welcome by us all, she gets to try out the equipment safely and then walks out feeling happy. We welcome beginners and experienced gymnasts to our Trial Classes. Our gymnastics Trial Classes are a great opportunity to have a go at some gymnastics skills and make friends with the regular gymnasts.

We have a few spaces available at Club Farnham at All Hallows School…


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P.P.S. AMANDA’S STAR TIP: It is okay to adjust what you would like to achieve based on what’s happening at the moment.


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