What happened this summer at Tumble Camp in Farnham?

We have had an immense amount of fun at our Holiday Tumble Camp at All Hallows School in Farnham over the last couple of weeks. We had a great mix of energetic children joining in the fun at camp.  

Our Tumble Camps in Farnham for this summer are now over, however we have some spaces available for our gymnastics classes starting on 3rd September 2017.

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what happened this summer at tumble camp in farnham


Snow White joined us for the warm up and stretch, beginners and experienced children all joined in to prepare their bodies for 4 hours of exercise.

what happened this summer at tumble camp in farnham


The coaches and gymnasts had great fun when we introduced some Hula Hooping into the session.. It gets the heart rate up, helps concentration, improves coordination, and body awareness. With so many benefits I also had a go, but clearly need a lot more practice, as I was outshone by the talented gymnasts.


what happened this summer at tumble camp in farnham


We had some budding Superheroes in our themed classes, including Coach ‘Spiderman’ and ‘The Incredibles’ Coaching Team.  We also had ‘Supergirl’ flying and ‘Batgirl’ hula hooping her way to win the ‘Who can keep the Hula Hoop Spinning the Longest’ competition and ‘The Incredible Hulk Junior’ showing us his powerful vaulting skills.

what happened this summer at tumble camp in farnham


We got the gymnasts to do some Tumbling in pairs. They all really enjoyed mirroring and inspiring each other. Two gymnasts in particular stood out when they worked together and took great pride in showing us their perfectly timed Aerial.

what happened this summer at tumble camp in farnham

Farnham Summer Holiday Tumble Camp has been loads of fun for myself and the coaches. I loved watching the gymnasts learning and improving their skills. It was also great to see Teamwork bringing together some new and strengthening existing friendships.

I am now preparing for our September classes. The lesson plans are well underway and myself and the awesome coaching team are looking forward to starting classes back on Sunday 3rd September.

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Amanda Williams
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