Former Flair Gymnastics Coach Lands Dream Job!

I was very excited to find out that one of our very first Flair Coaches, Ross Falsetta, has recently landed his dream job! Ross has become the Head Coach of Women’s Artistic Gymnastics at South Essex Gymnastics Club which means that he gets to coach high performance gymnasts including Olympian Amy Tinkler who he accompanied to all her World Cup Events this year! 

Ross is now working under the Director of Coaching, Scott Hann, at South Essex Gymnastics Club. Scott Hann is Olympian gymnast Max Whitlock’s Head Coach. When I found out about Ross’s latest success I contacted him to find out more about it…

former flair gymnastics coach lands dream job


How many years have you been coaching now? 
17 years.

When did you coach at Flair and for how long?
I coached at Flair for 3 years when I was aged 16 -19 years.

How did you hear about or first get into coaching at Flair?
I used to train with Richard Dwyer, your Club Founder. We did adult gymnastics classes together and he gave me the opportunity to work at his club.

Are you still involved with the Flair Clubs? 
Yes. I like to help out by coaching at the Invitational Events.

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former flair gymnastics coach lands dream job


What other coaching experience do you have other than Flair?
I have coached at Woking Gymnastics Club, Pinewood Gymnastics Club and Tolworth Gymnastics Club.

What clubs do you currently coach at and what is your role?
South Essex Gymnastics Club and I am the Women’s Artistic Head Coach where I coach high performance gymnasts including Olympian Amy Tinkler.

former flair gymnastics coach lands dream job


What school did you go to?
St John the Baptist in Woking.

What are your hobbies?
I like to go running but I don’t get much time at the moment as I’m very busy with my coaching.

Did you do gymnastics or trampolining as a child?
Yes, I did both as a child and I still do them as an adult.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
I have a brother called Jason who is 28 years old.

Do you have any pets?
None at present but I have always had pets in the past from dogs and cats to lizards and horses!

What is your favourite sports related film that inspires you and why?
‘Rocky’ will always be my favourite sports related film but the most inspirational sports film has to be ‘Remember the Titans.’ It’s tells an incredible story of a disconnected American football high school team and how their new coach tackles many difficult and challenging factors to bring them together and create a team that’s more like a family.

Who is your favourite gymnast that inspires you and why?
My favourite male gymnast is Vitaly Scherbo because of his style and ability to make gymnastics look effortless and my favourite female gymnast is Lilia Podkopayeva as her style was unique and extremely classy.

What would be your TOP TIP for getting the best out of the gymnasts that you are coaching?
My TOP TIP would be seeing all the positives that can be gained by mistakes. Not all mistakes are bad mistakes in fact if it wasn’t for mistakes how would we learn or get better? When a gymnast makes a mistake it’s an opportunity for me to give them feedback. That’s how we improve. The more feedback gymnasts receive, the more opportunities they have to improve. How you coach and approach mistakes within a gym session can keep lessons positive and moving in a very productive direction. As American author, Ken Blanchard said, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

When did you last see Richard (Founder & CEO)? 
We meet up fairly frequently and I saw him at Nick Ruddock’s (International gymnastics consultant) event in the summer where I was supporting both Nick and Richard, who was speaking at the event.

former flair gymnastics coach lands dream job


Thank you Ross for contributing. It was great to catch up with you. Everyone at Flair wishes you the best of luck and much success with your new coaching role.

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