How Can I Become More Positive Through Gymnastics?

Apart from helping children to learn new skills and improve their gymnastics and therefore build their confidence, at Flair we are super keen to grow
positive and upbeat individuals who are good at socialising and enjoy making new friends. All of these life skills are so, so important and we really want your little ones to be the very best that they can be.

I am saying this now as I remember working with the actress Anne Hathaway on the film ‘Ella Enchanted’ way back in 2003 before the film’s release in 2004. She has a really warm personality, an interest in people and fabulous social skills which I am sure have really helped Anne’s rise to stardom.


How can I become more positive through gymnastics
In 2003 Anne had already starred in ‘The Princess Diaries’ with Julie Andrews but she was still very young, only 21, and so had not established herself yet as a leading actress who would go on to win Academy Awards.

Having the talent and the beauty is only part of the story. You also need the confidence, great management, some luck and the ability to get on with and genuinely be interested in people and above this you need to be SUPER-POSITIVE. This is something Anne has in spades. She is very likeable because she is very positive and therefore easy to work with.

“Positive people, live longer, have more fun, go on more holidays, make & give away more money, do way more cool stuff and ultimately rule the world” – Richard Dwyer ‘Flair CEO’

‘Ella Enchanted’ is a modern day Cinderella fantasy which also stars Minnie Driver, Jimi Mistry and Joanna Lumley.

In ‘Ella Enchanted’ I played one of the King’s Guards and was part of a giant comedy fight sequence with rope drops, backflips, somersaults and sword fighting. 

How can I become more positive through gymnastics 

Richard (in red) having his head kicked-off by Anne Hathaway’s character ‘ELLA’

How can I become more positive through gymnastics

More behind the scenes magic

How can I become more positive through gymnastics
Anne went on to star in many films as I’m sure you know. Later in 2006, Anne Hathaway shot to fame in ‘The Devil wears Prada’ in which she worked with her idol Meryl Streep and then in 2012 she played ‘Fantine’ in the movie ‘Les Miserables’ in which she sung live (she trained as a soprano in her teens) and won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

How can I become more positive through gymnastics

You can now see her in a brand new film due for UK release on 2nd October called ‘The Intern.’ This is the story of the owner of a successful fashion website (played by Anne Hathaway) who bonds with the elderly intern that her company has hired (played by Robert De Niro.) This looks like a really fun comedy and I’m so looking forward to seeing it.

 How can I become more positive through gymnastics

So please do encourage your children with their positive attitude by leading by example and help them to get out there and make new friends at school and at their gym club. Social skills are getting lost as many children become more introverted spending too much time playing computer games, on their phones and their heads buried in the not-so ‘social’ media world.

This results in losing valuable face to face communication skills which will set them up for their future. Being good with people, sharing experiences together, laughing & having fun, collaboration, interaction and friendships well, that’s what life is all about! isn’t it ??

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