How Can I Help My Child Become More Confident?

We all want to be confident and self assured but how can we help our child to feel brave, positive and be the best possible version of themselves that they can be? Read on to find out…

How can I help my child become more confident SELF CONFIDENCE

You are not born with high or low self confidence. It is something that you work on over time until it becomes a part of who you are. Confidence is like a muscle – the more you work on it the easier it becomes to maintain.

At Flair we work on building your child’s confidence by focusing on your child’s successes and accomplishments. There are lots of different ways that we help build your child’s self esteem as they make progress through the award syllabus. We do this with plenty of words of encouragement, high fives, ticks in their student training diary as they achieve new skills, recognition of achieving their goals and winning trophies when they are nominated as the Member of the Month. Your child will receive stickers, badges, medals, certificates and trophies throughout their gymnastics adventures at their club. Each time your child receives praise and encouragement from their coach it gives them a feeling of confidence and strength which grows with each subsequent piece of positive feedback.

How can I help my child become more confidentHIGH FIVES FROM THE COACHES

Another way we help your child build their confidence is by helping them to jump forward through the Flair award syllabus. It’s Skill Testing time at your club and your child’s coach will be helping your child to move up to the next level. As they progress through the award syllabus their confidence grows in leaps and bounds.

How can I help my child become more confidentWORKING ON A DIFFICULT VAULT

It’s not always the things that come naturally to you that make you feel super-confident. Sometimes it’s the things that you have to work really hard to conquer. Your child’s gymnastics coach will help them stay on track and stay positive through the difficult times when they are struggling to perfect a challenging new skill. Once they have achieved it they will feel excited and more confident about tackling another difficult skill.

How can I help my child become more confidentTACKLING NEW SKILLS

Being self confident boosts our self esteem, diminishes stress and makes us feel good about ourselves and plays an integral role in our happiness so naturally it’s something that we want every child to experience.

How can I help my child become more confidentHAPPY TIMES

If you would like your child to build their confidence through the wonderful sport of gymnastics why not book a Trial Class at one of our gymnastics clubs in Guildford. 

We can’t wait to meet you.

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