How do our coaches build confidence through gymnastics?

Last week I shared you with you the importance of building a great team and how I go to great lengths to make sure that we have only the very best gymnastics coaches for your children.

I interviewed Lead Coach Sam Archer who has been with Flair from the beginning and she spoke to us about her love of all things Flair and how she is excited as her daughter takes her very first gymnastics lessons at the age of 4.

I’d now like to introduce to you another of our amazing Lead Coaches, Amy Matthews. Amy was a competitive gymnast for many years and is passionate about building confidence through gymnastics at our gymnastics classes in Surrey.

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I interviewed her last week to find out what excites her most about gymnastics coaching.

How old are you and how long have you been coaching at Flair now? “I’m 21 and I’ve been at Flair for 5 years.”

How did you hear about or first get into coaching at Flair? When I was growing up I remember Flair as the gymnastics club who had a HUGE competition in a circus tent (what fun!) I got into coaching at Flair as it was recommended to me by my original gymnastics coach.”

how do our coaches build confidence through gymnastics


Which Flair clubs do you coach at and what is your role? I am Lead Coach at Woking, Lead Coach at Spectrum on a Wednesday and Friday, Assistant Lead Coach for Sports Park and Lead Coach at Farnham. And I tutor on the UK Flair coaching awards.”

What college did you go to? “Guildford College.”

What are your hobbies? “Gymnastics, spending time with my friends and my new hobby is the flying trapeze!”

Have you done gymnastics as a child or an adult? “Yes. From the age of 3 I have enjoyed gymnastics. Throughout my gymnastics career I competed at a regional level and passed my grades. Then I became a gymnast at a national level, training with the world class squad which meant I was was able to travel around the UK and Romania to train. As an adult I do gymnastics once a week with gym coaches Emily, Imogen and Tom.”

how do our coaches build confidence through gymnastics


Do you have any brothers or sisters? “I have 3 older brothers.”

Do you have any pets? “Yes. 2 dogs called Rocky & Bella and I have horses.”

What is your favourite sports related film that inspires you and why? “‘Stick it!’ This film is great as it shows gymnastics isn’t easy and when it gets tough it can bring you down, but it shows if you stick at it you will be able to overcome your fears and have a positive outcome.”

how do our coaches build confidence through gymnastics


Who is your favourite gymnast and why do they inspire you? “Nadia Comaneci inspires me because she is the first and the only person to ever get a perfect 10.”

What is your favourite thing about working at Flair? “My favourite thing are the Holiday Camps as they are always so much fun and the children love them. I am the holiday camp co-ordinator and I get very involved with choosing the themes for the camps and creating the lesson plans. I want to make the camps magical for all the children who attend.”

how do our coaches build confidence through gymnastics


Our next Holiday Tumble Camp is at Half Term on 31st May – 2nd June @ Club Spectrum with a Trampolining Masterclass on Thursday 1st June also @ Club Spectrum in Guildford.

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