How to lose yourself in the magic of Christmas

I hope you and your child are enjoying opening your advent calendar each day and are getting excited together as you countdown the days until Christmas. This is the most important time of year for strengthening bonds as a family and enjoying all the enchantment that Christmas brings. This year I don’t want to see Christmas as a big chore and have decided to really lose myself in the magic of it all and remember the things that captured my imagination as a child and relive those moments…

I know it’s so easy to get caught up with all the jobs you feel need to be done to make the perfect Christmas happen but take a moment to take a trip down memory lane. Take a deep breath and think about your childhood Christmases. Are there any stand out moments? I’m sure there are plenty. 


how to lose yourself in the magic of christmasMY MUM’S CHRISTMAS CAKE

Helping mum ice the Christmas cake. Decorating the tree together. Opening your Advent Calendar each morning. Visiting Father Christmas in his Grotto at your local department store. Going out for walks in the park and collecting sweet chestnuts, then roasting them in the oven. Christmas films on TV, playing board games with all the family involved and the thrill as the big day draws ever closer.

how to lose yourself in the magic of christmasROAST CHESTNUTS

Of course, everyone has their own personal favourite memories. Why not pick out some of your best ones and see if you can recreate them this year. I urge you not to get caught up in the pressure pot and do your very best to relax and see everything through your child’s eyes. Live in the moment with them. Believe in the magic again. It’s the little things that they will remember. Not just the big presents. I promise you.

Don’t forget, we have Christmas Tumble Camp running on 27th – 29th December at Guildford Spectrum, one of our gym clubs in Surrey, so if your budding young gymnast is going to miss their weekly gymnastics class during the Christmas school holidays, make sure that you secure their place.


how to lose yourself in the magic of christmasTHE FANTASTIC FLAIR SNOWMAN & HIS FRIENDS

You may see your child as a ‘little adult.’ It’s true that we talk with them more and more as a mini adult and they understand so much. Nevertheless they remain children before anything else, and they want to experience moments that are full of magic and enchantment. In fact, they need to. I believe that characters, such as Father Christmas and our fantastic Flair snowman whom children relate to, really help to spark your child’s imagination and that can only be a good thing as using our creative imagination is a big step in children’s social and emotional development.

how to lose yourself in the magic of christmasCHRISTMAS FUN AT TUMBLE CAMP

I understand that you don’t want your child to get caught up by the commercialism of the holiday. So, I challenge you to have a go at putting your energy into being super-creative this Christmas, making gifts, cards and food with your child, singing songs together and focusing on that all important family time. This time together is so precious and your child will soon be all grown up, so embrace every special and magical moment. Let yourself be charmed by your child’s wonderment this Christmas time.

Don’t forget to secure your child’s place at Christmas Tumble Camp at your gym club in Surrey. But, please hurry…we only have a few remaining places available on 27th -29th December at Guildford Spectrum.


I hope you have a fantastic time with your family at Christmas and we look forward to meeting you at Tumble Camp or at one of our children’s gymnastics clubs. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Flair family! Ho, ho, ho!!

Best wishes,

Founder & CEO



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