Interview With Gymnastics Coaching Expert Nick Ruddock

It’s always fantastic when you get the chance to talk to someone who is at the top of their game. Nick Ruddock was one of our first ever Flair coaches and he is now world renowned having coached medal winning gymnasts such as Amy Tinkler, and Becky and Ellie Downie…

Nick Ruddock is great friends with Flair Founder & CEO Richard Dwyer and he continues to work closely in the development of our coach training programme. He often teaches at our staff training days giving invaluable words of wisdom to the aspiring coaches.

If you think you have what it takes to join our awesome coaching team and would like to work in a hugely vibrant and high energy environment at one of our gymnastics clubs in Surrey please get in touch.


Interview with gymnastics coaching expert Nick RuddockNICK RUDDOCK (PERFORMANCE COACH)

How many years have you been coaching?
About 15 years.

What coaching experience do you have (other than Flair?)
Several years coaching grassroots gymnastics. Former National Coach to GBR Women. Multiple GBR, Team GB and England representations. High Performance Coach in various clubs around the UK. I was mentored by former Soviet champion gymnast Valeri Liukin and also learnt by watching his daughter Olympic champion, Nastia Liukin. I recently went to the USA with my girlfriend Leonni and Richard (Flair CEO) where we visited several gymnastics clubs and met up with Nastia Liukin and her husband Matt.

Interview with gymnastics coaching expert Nick RuddockRICHARD, LEONNI, NICK, NASTIA & MATT

How long did you coach for at Flair?
I coached for 3 years at the very first Flair club in Sunbury.

How did you hear about or first get into coaching at Flair?
I am good friends with Richard. Richard gave me the opportunity to work with a forward thinking organisation which is passionate about developing kids and coaches.

Where do you coach now and what is your role? 
I now consult with international gymnastics federations and bodies who are looking to improve the performance of their athletes on the world stage.

What school did you go to? 
Woking High School.

What are your hobbies? 
Gymnastics!!! Amateur photography and fishing.

Did you do gymnastics as a child or an adult? 
Yes. I participated in 1 – 2 hours of recreational gymnastics a week from the age of 5 – 15. Then I did adult classes.

Are you still involved with the Flair clubs?
I contribute to the delivery of staff education training days. I recently attended a Flair Necessities Training Day. I am really impressed with how Flair invest in the professional development of their coaches and support them in delivering excellent and world class service to each and every Flair member during their sporting journey at their club.


                                                                              FLAIR NECESSITIES TRAINING DAY

I brought my partner Leonni along to the Flair Necessities Training Day too. Leonni has choreographed floor routines for Olympic gymnasts and works alongside me. She got involved with the Training Day and loved the trophies that the coaches receive when they graduate.

Interview with gymnastics coaching expert Nick Ruddock‘WELCOME TO THE FAMILY’ AWARDS

What is your favourite sports related film that inspires you? 

‘Invictus!’ A story of how Nelson Mandela used sport to change, inspire and unite a nation. The movie is full of powerful messages, quotes and fantastic examples of the power sport has.

Who is your favourite gymnast that inspires you and why?
Courtney McCool, USA (2004 Olympics.) Courtney was coached by two of my mentors and is known for some of the best form/execution in gymnastics history. An immaculate performer with a unique style.

You are always so busy and constantly travelling. What’s your latest news?
I have just interviewed Richard (Flair Founder & CEO) for a brand new podcast series discussing some of the behind the scenes magic of Flair. You can check out Episode 3 of the ‘Gymnastics Growth Show’ in the Apple Podcasts store HERE <

Interview with gymnastics coaching expert Nick RuddockPODCAST – GYMNASTICS GROWTH SHOW

I am excited to be running Europe’s Leading Gymnastics Coaching Event – GymCon 2018 on June 24th in Birmingham. It’s going to be a fantastic day with amazing speakers from the gymnastics world including Olympian Nile Wilson, and and it will be full of loads of motivating ideas and hot topics to accelerate the development of both athlete and coach towards high performance heights.

Some of our coaching team have been lucky enough to win places at a VIP table at your event and I know they are super-excited to be going.
That’s fantastic news. I look forward to seeing the Flair team there. 

If you think you have what it takes to join our awesome coaching team and would like to work in a hugely vibrant and high energy environment at one of our gymnastics clubs in Surrey please get in touch.


We’d love to meet you!

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