Why should I send my child to Gymnastics Camp?

There are so many great reasons to send your child to Holiday Gymnastics Tumble Camp and Trampolining Masterclass this Easter!

At Flair we have Holiday Tumble Camps and Trampolining Masterclasses during all of your school holidays.

 Here are my TOP 6 Reasons why you need to secure your place.

Why should I send my child to Gymnastics Camp?

  • Themed days including Circus, Wild Animals, Super Heroes and more… The addition of a theme awakens your child’s imagination. Expect appropriate music, decorations and a chance for your child to dress up as part of the theme (please make sure your child can still move easily). The Coaching Team love dressing up too and getting into the spirit of things. Everyone gets involved!
  • Everyone learns Gymnastics, Trampolining & Acro too! At Camp we have 3 Super-Fun Learning Zones and it’s a great opportunity for your child to learn everything and to find out what they enjoy the most.
  • Supercharge your child’s learning with 4 jam-packed hours each day from 9am – 1pm. Your child will really have a headstart by cramming in so much fun and learning. Your child will receive as much as 1 month’s learning in 1 day and 4 month’s learning in 4 days. Expect your budding gymnast to improve by leaps and bounds.

Why should I send my child to Gymnastics Camp?

  • Children become stronger, fitter and healthier. I know that you all want the very best start in life for your children and bringing your child to gymnastics (when I say gymnastics, I mean trampolining and freerunning too) is a brilliant decision as I believe that gymnastics really is the foundation of all sports, so when your child does gymnastics all their other sports will improve as well!
  • Tumble Camps are super-fun and children LOVE to be part of them! I know how much your children love going to Tumble Camp and due to popular demand we have added more Tumble Camps throughout the year during all school holidays (yes, Half Term too!) as well as adding Trampolining Masterclasses to your school holiday calendar. This means lots more fun for everyone.
  • Tumble Camps build your child’s confidence as they learn new skills! Each hour at Camp whilst your child is perfecting a new move and making progress whilst hearing valuable feedback from their coaches, your child’s confidence is beginning to soar as they realise all they have achieved. They may even come home with a medal or a hug from the Flair mascot Freddie Flair Bear the Confidence Bear!

Why should I send my child to Gymnastics Camp?

Tumble Camps are suitable for children aged 4-17 years and for total beginners through to expert. The children are grouped into small groups of relevant ages and skill level.

Why should I send my child to Gymnastics Camp?

If your child loves to BOUNCE more than anything else then don’t let them miss our TRAMPOLINING MASTERCLASSES!

This is where your child reaches for the sky, twists and turns and gets some really BIG AIR, and for the more advanced even SOMERSAULTS!

Trampolining Masterclasses are suitable for children aged 5-17 years and all abilities are welcome.

We hope you now realise why it’s such a great idea to send your child to gymnastics camp and are now wondering how you can secure your place. 

Good news, it’s so easy to book your next Tumble Camp and Trampolining Masterclass.

Book online here www.GymnasticsCamp.co.uk

Or just call us on 01483 654440

We can’t wait to see you.

Best wishes,

Amy Matthews

Holiday Tumble Camp Guru

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