3 Top Tips For Chasing Away The Winter Blues

I hope that you are enjoying the New Year. The aftermath of Christmas can leave you feeling a bit flat so here are our 3 TOP TIPS for getting rid of those winter blues…

3 top tips for chasing away the winter blues at your gym club in surrey                                                                                           KEEP MOVING!

TIP 1. KEEP ACTIVE – It can be so tempting to stay snuggled up in bed or lie on the sofa wrapped up in a blanket but getting up and getting out is really the best thing we can do to make ourselves feel better and it will help keep you healthy avoiding the coughs and colds of the season. We all need a dose of Vitamin D so make sure that you and your child get out of the house during the daylight hours, find the sun, close your eyes and feel it’s warmth on your skin. It may not feel very strong but the Vitamin D from the sunlight is incredibly healing. Walk briskly and get the blood pumping around your body. Play games outside like ‘hide and seek’ with your child. Feel your cheeks becoming pink!

The new term is beginning at your gymnastics club in Surrey and coming to a weekly gymnastics class is a great way for your child to keep active, become fit and healthy (after all those Christmas indulgences) and chase away the winter blues.

If you would like to find out more about us or to book a TRIAL CLASS at one of our gymnastics clubs in Surrey

3 top tips for chasing away the winter blues at your gym club in surreySTAY HAPPY!

TIP 2. STAY POSITIVE – It’s so important to stretch your body every morning. Reach up to the sky and touch your toes. Roll your shoulders back and breathe deeply. Think what you are grateful for and as you feel gratitude, SMILE! Remember, it takes less effort to smile than it does to frown, so smile and you will actually feel happier! 

We encourage a positive attitude at all of our gymnastics clubs. We only employ positive people as we know that your child learns best when they hear positive affirmations and have fun in an upbeat and positive environment.

3 top tips for chasing away the winter blues at your gym club in surreyTHE COACHES HELP YOUR CHILD TO SET THEIR GOALS

TIP 3. GOAL SETTING – When you set yourself goals, it gives you something to aim for and look forward to, giving you a purpose and therefore lifting your spirits. Think of what you want to achieve. Write down what your goal is. Work out mini-goals that you can achieve on your way to achieving your main goal. Start a brand new hobby or evening class in something that you’ve always dreamt of doing…

At our weekly gymnastics classes we help the children set their goals in their personalised Student Training Diaries. They write down what gymnastic skill they’d like to achieve and we give them a target date to achieve this skill by. They focus on nailing this skill by the end of term with the help of their awesome coaching team. When they achieve their goals it gives them a real sense of progress and PROGRESS = HAPPINESS

3 top tips for chasing away the winter blues at your gym club in surreyPROGRESS = HAPPINESS

I hope you’ve found these tips useful and that they help you to make your way happily through the winter and into spring!

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