Behind The Scenes With Your Gymnastics Club Manager

As we come to the end of another busy and super-exciting term at our gymnastics clubs in Surrey, I caught up with our club manager and franchisee Amanda Williams to find out how she juggles being a super-mum of three, club manages and owns and runs her franchise in Farnham at All Hallows School…

Amanda at The Flair ChampionshipsAMANDA WILLIAMS – CLUB MANAGER

How long have you been coaching at Flair now?
About 6 years.

What other coaching experience do you have other than Flair?
I coached trampolining whilst still training with Edgebarrow trampolining club.

What is your role at Flair?
I am Club Manager at all the Flair clubs and am the point of contact for our Flair families questions and queries. I am also the Club Owner and franchisee of Club Farnham at All Hallows School in Farnham, Surrey.

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What school did you go to?
Frogmore School, Camberley. I loved P.E. and gymnastics at school and have fond memories of doing gymnastics displays.

Behind The Scenes With Your Gymnastics Club ManagerMY SCHOOL GYMNASTICS DISPLAY

What are your hobbies?
Cycling, charity events and combat classes.

Did you go to gymnastics and trampolining as a child or an adult?
Yes, Gymnastics from the age of 6. I competed in Regional competitions up to the age of 14. Trampolining from the age of 8. I competed in Regional and National competitions until I was 16 and I represented Great Britain in Europe.

Do you have any children?
Yes. I have 3 children. Karis, Reece and Megan. They are all wonderful and keep me on my toes!

Why do you enjoy working for Flair?
I have been working at Flair for 6 years, firstly as a trampolining Coach, then a Lead Coach and now as Club Manager. I’m a real people person so I love helping the Flair families with any questions they may have. I enjoy putting big smiles on their faces. I also like being involved with the competition days and fun events that Flair gets involved in, like GoFest, in the summer. I got the chance to meet one of my childhood sporting heroes at GoFest, Kevin Keegan!”

Behind The Scenes With Your Gymnastics Club ManagerKEVIN KEEGAN WITH AMANDA AT GOFEST

What’s it like running your own Flair franchise?
“I am so excited to be running my very own club franchise at All Hallows School in Farnham. Having competed as a trampolinist from a very young age, I feel like gymnastics is in my blood, and I dreamt about running my own club for a long time. It’s great to be in business, but I don’t feel alone in business because of all the support I receive from Flair.”

Behind The Scenes With Your Gymnastics Club ManagerCLUB FARNHAM 

Who is your favourite trampolininst that inspires you and why?
Before Trampolining became an Olympic sport Andrea Holmes was the inspiration that drove me most. Myself and my teammates competed in the U14 and U16 competitions and then would go over to watch her and cheer her on. Andrea’s routines were always so focused and brilliant to watch. She motivated me to try harder and more progressive moves. The flipping, twisting and flying through the air was enough to inspire me.

What would be your TOP TIPS for achieving a Back Somersault on the Trampoline?
My TOP TIPS would be:

From straight jump pull knees to chest.
ake the tucked shape at the top of the bounce.

From standing to seat landing then back up to feet.
ocus on a top and bottom visual target.

From standing to back landing then back up to feet.
STAR TIP – When coming back to feet keep legs upright until you have fully left the trampoline.

From back a ¾ backward rotation landing to feet.
Look at knees during flight before sighting the cross.

From feet rotating 360 degrees backward to feet in a tucked shape.
STAR TIP – Lift hips up and forward during take off.

Behind The Scenes With Our Gymnastics Club ManagerHOW TO DO A BACK SOMERSAULT

Thank you Amanda for giving us a glimpse into your busy life. Keep putting big smiles on the faces of our Flair families at our gym clubs in Surrey and best of luck with the future of your gymnastics club in Farnham.

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