Will you live to 126 years old as you celebrate Organic September?

It’s organic September all year round at our house because we just love eating organic food! Not only does it taste a lot better but it means we can relax in the knowledge that it comes from a trusted place. A place free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics and who knows what else…


are you celebrating organic september


I have been eating organic food for about 10 years now but I seriously got into eating only organic produce about 4 years ago. The more I heard about processed food, with it’s hidden sugars and fats, preservatives and flavour enhancers the less I wanted to put it into my body so I went through the cupboards and threw out anything processed and I’ve done my best to keep it that way.

I also decided to be more mindful about what I was putting into my body as I really want to reach my personal goal of living until I’m 126 years old! Don’t laugh – I’m serious! The combination of eating healthy food and regularly taking part in the sport of gymnastics could help me get there and could help your child get there too. You’re certainly giving your child the best start in life by bringing them to your gym club each week.

are you celebrating organic september


Eating organic food helps to strengthen your immune system too and I have certainly noticed that I get less coughs and colds nowadays so it could be a good deterrent in the classroom! Organic food also contains considerably greater amounts of essential nutrients which play a key role in health and vitality. As a former gymnast I’ve always understood about the importance of eating healthily but the benefits of organic food was not something that I had the knowledge of back in the 90s when I was competing so I am happy that your children can learn about and enjoy eating organic food right now! 

We get a recipe box delivered each week and enjoy trying out lots of new recipes. It’s relaxing too. I find it really fun and exciting eating beautiful fresh produce and never knowing exactly what I’m going to find in my recipe box until I go to prepare it. I also love the fact that you are receiving fruit and vegetables that are in season.

are you celebrating organic september


Most months we include a recipe in our monthly newsletter, Tumble Times, of a seasonal snack that you might want to bring to your gymnastics club in Surrey and this month’s recipe is for ‘Coconut Brownie Energy Bites.’ I hope that you go ahead and make this with organic versions of all the ingredients to celebrate organic September. I’m sure you and your budding young gymnast will like them!

If you’d like to give your child the best start in life why not ‘Book a Trial Class’ at one of our gymnastics clubs in Surrey.

We’d love to get to know you and welcome you to the Flair family. 

Best wishes,

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