It’s Club Farnham’s first gymnastics class of the new term!

It was a great start to September as everyone turned up for their first gymnastics class of the new term. The gymnasts were really keen to get back into the gym and I enjoyed hearing what everyone had been up to on their summer break. 

All the gymnasts received a detailed planner of what we are working on right up until Christmas, and there was a great response when the gymnasts noticed that we have Club Farnham’s 1st competition on the 9th December.


it's club farnham's first gymnastics class of the new term

Here we are working on backward rolls, a move that is harder to learn than a forward roll even though the body passes through the same positions. Coach Sara helped the younger gymnasts and as they rolled back. Sara then lifts their hips up so that the gymnast has their head off the floor which reduces pressure on the neck. Going upside down can be a little worrying for children so we spend time with each gymnast and help them get over any fears.  We break each skill down to help them gain confidence through gymnastics.

it's club farnham's first gymnastics class of the new termAIR TRACK

A fun part of the session and one that is liked by a lot of the gymnasts is lying on the Air Track as we inflate it! It’s a good time to practice shapes and in this picture it’s the Star shape. Coaches like to join in and ‘yes’ I have had a go myself on a few occasions. I find personally it’s a lot of fun but once it inflates getting the motivation to get up is the hard part! The gymnasts don’t seem to have this problem though as they have so much energy they get straight up and are ready work on some fantastic skills on the Track.  

If your child has plenty of energy I recommend they come for a gymnastics trial class. 

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it's club farnham's first gymnastics class of the new term

We spent some time using the mirrors. This is a good opportunity to let the gymnast see themselves and adjust their own body position by seeing how they look. This really good practice as the gymnasts can adjust themselves straight away in that moment.

it's club farnham's first gymnastics class of the new term


We did some headstands practice which helps with balance, and learning to tighten the body which goes onto then helping when we do handstands.

The gymnasts worked really hard but and it was such a positive start to September at our gymnastics club in Farnham, based at All Hallow’s School.

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We can’t wait to meet you,

Best regards,

Amanda Williams
Proud Farnham Franchise Owner


P.P.S. AMANDA’S STAR TIP: Gymnastics should not be a race to the top but a wonderful journey full of life lessons…



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