Did you come to the Flair Championships gymnastics competition?

I hope that you were able to attend The Flair Championships on the 30th November at Club Guildford Spectrum.  The arena was filled with brave young superstars as they stepped out of their comfort zones to take part in the competition day at our gymnastics club in Guildford…


So what happened at the competition day? Firstly the gymnasts marched in to the rousing theme tune from ‘The A Team.’ Some students were full of confidence from the word go whilst others were full of nervous energy. Then, as they all warmed up together, everyone began to RELAX…

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27th & 30th December at Guildford Spectrum.

Warming up at the Flair Championships competition 

Then the children were divided into groups, some to do their floor routines first, others to do their vaults and the rest to do their trampolining routines. There were some spectacular performances. It was great to see the contrast between the youngest children, some who were only 4 years old, and the more self assured older children with the more advanced skills that they could execute.

Landing a vault at the Flair Championships competition  GIVING YOUR BEST PERFORMANCE

Richard Dwyer (Flair Founder & CEO) gave the children lots of words of encouragement and enjoyed presenting the medals with the help of Flair mascot Freddie Flair Bear. The compere for the day was Eastenders actor, Brett Fancy who brought lots of laughs to the day as he encouraged the mums and dads to join in a ‘Mexican Wave!’

Excited children winning gymnastics medals at the Flair Championships BUILDING CONFIDENCE THROUGH COMPETITION

We’d like to thank all the mums and dads for supporting their young gymnasts. We really appreciate your enthusiasm and are glad that you enjoyed the competition. I know that a lot of you have been busy running through your children’s routines with them at home and your children have really blossomed as a result of your attention.

Families watching the Flair ChampionshipsMUMS, DADS & FAMILIES SHOWED THEIR SUPPORT

Whilst the judges counted up the scores there were displays performed by the Display Squad, including a surprise section from your coaching team showcasing their expertise. The Squad Superstar Award was won by Freya Riley rewarding the hard work and determination that she has shown throughout this year.

The display squad perform at the Flair Championships competitionDARING STUNTS FROM THE DISPLAY SQUAD

Then we had the medals ceremony where the children had the chance to step up onto the podium to be presented with their medals – Bronze, Silver and Gold to rapturous applause from the mums, dads and their supporters. Every child that took part in the event received a special certificate to congratulate and thank them for all their hard work.

Richard Dwyer (Flair Founder & CEO) presents medals at the Flair ChampionshipsCONGRATULATIONS TO THE MEDAL WINNERS

Thank you again for all your support. We hope you enjoyed the event at Club Guildford Spectrum and that your child learnt valuable lessons as they took part in the competition day.

It’s nearly Christmas and Tumble Camp is just around the corner, so don’t forget to secure your child’s place at Christmas Sparkles Tumble Camp and Trampolining Masterclass. But, please hurry…we only have a few remaining places available on 27th & 30th December at Guildford Spectrum.

We look forward to seeing you at Christmas Sparkles Tumble Camp. Ho, ho, ho!!

Best wishes,


The Parent’s Champion



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