Celebrating Halloween and Skill Testing at Farnham Gymnastics Club

This week we have been having some Halloween fun! All the gymnasts had the opportunity to dress up at our themed gymnastics classes which they all really enjoyed. PLUS, we are also using our student training diaries to do Skill Testing…

At Skill Testing we work with each individual gymnast and go through the Flair Gymnastics Awards Syllabus, testing the children’s gymnastics skills so that they can pass their badges.  At the end of term we have parent viewing class so the children can show mums, dads and carers their gymnastics moves and receive certificates and badges

celebrating halloween and skill testing at farnham gymnastics club


This is Rosie who is perfecting her Arch shape so that she can pass her Level 2. Rosie has been doing an amazing job and always listens to her coaches and corrects herself to improve her skills. The Arch shape is one of the most important basic shapes in gymnastics. Rosie’s head should be neutral and looking at the floor, however she turned to pose at the camera! After this photo she continued to practise which resulted in her passing her Level 2… Fantastic work Rosie!!

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celebrating halloween and skill testing at farnham gymnastics club


One of the skills to pass in our student training diaries is the bridge. Here the children are working together and practising their bridges. Bridges are really good at helping to strengthen the core and stretching muscles. Once the bridge has been learnt the gymnasts can then move on to skills such as bridge kickovers, backward walkovers and forward walkovers.

celebrating halloween and skill testing at farnham gymnastics club


The gymnasts had great fun acting out their Halloween characters. I found that it empowered them to tackle the more difficult skills that they are working on in their gymnastics student training diaries.

celebrating halloween and skill testing at farnham gymnastics clubWHO IS THE BEST DRESSED?

Lead Coach Demi was really sure that she was the best dressed in her Halloween costume! I personally thought Mila in her purple witches outfit was one of the best but there were lots of fantastic outfits to choose from. We may not have done the award for the best dressed gymnasts this time (noted and maybe we will do that in 2018), but one thing is for certain, all the gymnasts are working really hard on their Skill Testing so that they can pass their badges a pick up a badge award at the end of term.

celebrating halloween and skill testing at farnham gymnastics clubCREEPY GYMNASTS

We had heaps of fun during the themed gymnastics class. The gymnasts had to remove parts of their costumes and hats when we moved onto more difficult skills. Safety comes first at Flair Farnham gymnastics club and witches hats flying off will have to wait for another time!

Happy Halloween all!!!

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P.P.S. AMANDA’S STAR TIP: It’s a fact – children learn more when they are having FUN!!


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