Is your child ready for their ‘spooktacular’ Halloween themed gymnastics class?

It’s that Flairy scary time of year and we’re all set for your child’s Halloween themed gymnastics class this week. We know how much your child enjoys anything a little bit gory and ghostly. These ‘not so scary’ classes will include spooky music, creepy decorations and we invite your child to wear something Halloween themed if they would like to (so long as they can move easily). We hope your little witches, ghosts and monsters are ready for some creepy fun!


Spectrum Wednesday – Wednesday 1st November

Spectrum Friday – Friday 27th October

Spectrum Saturday – Saturday 28th October

Sports Park – Saturday 28th October

Woking – Thursday 26th October

Farnham – Sunday 29th October

As we approach Halloween I’ve been thinking about all the scary characters that I played over the years in my time as a stuntman. There were quite a lot of them! One of the scariest movies that I was fortunate to be part of was ‘28 Days Later’ directed by Danny Boyle. My character was infected by the Rage Virus and became full of constant and uncontrollable anger! Me and the other stunt guys were sent to drama workshops run by Danny where we had to work on our acting skills and learn how to portray our most angry side. Make up was a long process on this film and we had to wear red contact lenses which made us look super scary! I then went on to work on the sequel ‘28 Weeks Later.’ That’s me in the photo above. Terrifying, isn’t it?!

If you would like to find out more about our clubs why not come along for a Trial Class at one of our gymnastics clubs in Surrey.


is your child ready for their 'spooktacular' Halloween themed gymnastics class


Another spooky film that I was on the stunt team for was ‘Dark Shadows’ starring Johnny Depp. I was involved in the opening sequence of the film where I played one of the construction workers and while we were doing some digging I came across the coffin of Johnny Depp’s character ‘Barnabas Collins.’ Johnny played a ‘vampire’ in this movie. When he got disturbed by our digging he became extremely angry and he killed us all in various ways. I was on a jerk rig and as Johnny attacked me I was jerked backwards at great speed. I flew through the air and landed in a ditch!

is your child ready for their 'spooktacular' Halloween themed gymnastics classHIGH FALL REHEARSALS FOR ‘MIDSOMER MURDERS’

I’ve also had the thrill of being murdered countless times on the hit TV show ‘Midsomer Murders!’ This was when John Nettles starred in the show. Am I alone in loving the spooky theme tune to this programme?! The horrific ways in which I have been killed include driving my car off a cliff, falling down a spiral staircase, being pushed off a rooftop by a ninja grandma and being set on fire to name just a few!! Funnily enough ‘Midsomer Murders’ was actually one of the friendliest shows that I have ever worked on and I always really enjoyed my days on set and on location in pretty Buckinghamshire.

is your child ready for their 'spooktacular' Halloween themed gymnastics classRICHARD & THE DOCTOR (CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON)

For all of you Dr Who fans, I was lucky enough to work on the opening episode of ‘Dr Who’ in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. I played the character of an ‘Auton.’ The ‘Autons’ were robots that resembled shop mannequins. They were very scary looking and just the kind of thing to get you hiding behind your sofa! In this scene ‘Dr Who’ threw me over his shoulder and dropped me 30 foot down into a pool of molten lava. Thanks to my gymnastics background I was able to deal with the wide range of stunts that I was asked to perform over the years.

I hope these recollections of frightening films and TV shows have got you in the mood for our ‘not so scary’ Halloween classes! Our awesome coaching team love getting dressed up and joining in with the action. Here they are at one of our Disney themed classes. Great costumes everybody!

is your child ready for their 'spooktacular' Halloween themed gymnastics classTHEMED GYMNASTICS CLASSES

If you would like to find out more about our clubs why not come along for a Trial Class at one of our gymnastics clubs in Surrey. We’d love to meet you!


Have a horribly Happy Halloween!

Best wishes,

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