What Happened At Flair Gymnastics Club In Farnham Last Weekend?

Last weekend was our very special VIP week. At Flair all members receive a ‘VIP’ pass every term. This is so that our gymnasts can bring along a friend to one of their classes. This is a great opportunity for the gymnasts to show their friends the skills that they have been learning whilst also giving their friend a chance to try out a new sport.

If you would like your child to experience this wonderful sport why not book a gymnastics trial class.  

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What happened at Flair gymnastics club in Farnham last weekend?BALANCE TRAINING

We appreciate that when bringing friends to class we will have mixed abilities so we have adapted the lesson plans so that everyone can participate. On this occasion we chose to do balance training. There is so many benefits from learning how to balance properly. Good balance sets the body up for better awareness, concentration and coordination. It also improves posture and daily life activities so is a great skill for all the children.

What happened at Flair gymnastics club in Farnham last weekend?EXPLORING THE AIRTRACK WITH FRIENDS

Everyone got to have a go on the air track. The girls and boys worked together to help each other. We make our ‘VIP’ session lots of fun and we often find that someone finishes the class having learnt a brand new skill.  This might be one of our members finding the confidence with their friend’s support to help them achieve a new skill or their VIP guest may accomplish a brand new move.

What happened at Flair gymnastics club in Farnham last weekend?LISTENING AND BALANCING

Flair Farnham gymnast Emily is seen here listening to Coach Amy who is working on improving Emily’s posture to help her balance on the bench. Emily works so hard and is improving all the time at our gymnastics classes in Surrey.

What happened at Flair gymnastics club in Farnham last weekend?PARACHUTE GAMES

At the end of the gymnastics lesson we played some games and the coaches and gymnasts all joined in. A brilliant session was had by all and there were lots of smiley happy faces!

Just like this ‘VIP’ session another great opportunity to bring a friend along to gymnastics is our Flair Holiday Tumble Camp. We know that we will have a mix of abilities and ages at our holiday camps and arrange fun sessions that all gymnasts can benefit from whether they are a beginner or more advanced.

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Myself and the Flair team are looking forward to meeting you!

Best regards,

Amanda Williams
Proud Farnham Franchise Owner

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P.P.S. AMANDA’S STAR TIP: Things don’t seem quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend with you.

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