What’s The Latest News From Club Farnham Surrey Gymnastics Club?

It has been a busy few months and I have been reflecting on the FUN we have had over the last few months at Club Farnham. All our gymnasts have made great improvements with their gymnastics skills. They have gained in confidence and I have seen some lovely friendships developing… 

What's the latest news from Club Farnham Surrey Gymnastics Club?TEAM BUILDING

Farnham Coaching Team has worked really hard and has built an awesome environment where our gymnasts can grow in confidence and safety as they learn new skills. In the above picture Lead Coach Demi is at the bottom middle, Coach Eden is on the bottom right and our fantastic Assistant Coach Madison are seen doing what they do best, making a strong foundation for our gymnasts. The coaches have formed and are continually making relationships with their teammates and gymnasts based on trust.


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What's the latest news from Club Farnham Surrey Gymnastics Club?


The gymnasts also had some time to reflect at Reflections class. We used our Student Training Diaries and discussed and wrote down some of their thoughts and feelings. Here are a couple of quotes: 

Club Member Nuala said, “My favourite thing was the competition. I really like Flair as it is fun!!” 

Nuala came 1st place at the competition and won a gold medal.

Club Member Erin said, My favourite was practising handstands and cartwheels and learning new moves”

Erin just completed her Award Level 8.

Self Reflection … is an important skill to practise not just in the gym but throughout life too, therefore I feel it is a vital life skill for all our members to learn.

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What's the latest news from Club Farnham Surrey Gymnastics Club? RYAN’S ACHIEVEMENTS

Ryan Ritchie (first ever Club Farnham Flair member) has continued to work hard which has resulted in some great achievements.

  • Ryan competed in his first ever gymnastics competition at the end of December in Floor and Vault.  Ryan had a brilliant result and gained a well deserved 1st place. It was an achievement in itself to go out and compete in front of parents, friends and judges, but to win 1st place was the icing on the cake!
  • Ryan passed his Level 5 badge from the Flair Award Syllabus in March.
  • Ryan is now moving up into the Intermediate class after the Easter holidays and I am positive he will continue to do really well.  

What's the latest news from Club Farnham Surrey Gymnastics Club?CELEBRATIONS

Definitely a personal favourite session of mine is the Celebrations class. Parents, family and friends are able to come in and watch the gymnasts to see what they have been working on and the skills that they have learned. At the end of the class we hand out certificates and awards and parents get to feel a part of the gymnasts journey. I am proud of all of the gymnasts and it is great when their families get to see what I have the pleasure of being a part of every week at our gymnastics club in Farnham.

What's the latest news from Club Farnham Surrey Gymnastics Club?THEMED FUN

I am now preparing lesson plans for after Easter but if you can’t wait until then we are running an Easter Themed Fun Session on Wednesday 4th April 2018, Time: 9.00am till 1.00pm. We have plenty of fun gymnastics planned for ALL abilities and ages  4-17 year old’s using three learning zones TUMBLE – TRAMPETTE  –  ACRO

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Have a Eggsellent Easter from the Flair Coaching Team!

Best regards,

Amanda Williams
Proud Farnham Franchise Owner

BOOK ONTO THE EASTER FUN SESSION >> www.FarnhamGymClub.com/camp

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P.P.S. Amanda’s Star Tip: We all learn faster and better when we are having FUN!!


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