Have you met gymnastics Coach Alex?

We are excited to introduce you to the newest member of the team – Coach Alex. Have you met him yet?…

Coach Alex is coaching at both Club Spectrum and Club Sports Park and he can’t wait to meet you. He has heaps of experience having worked at recreational and high performance clubs across the South East and specialises in Gymnastics, Freestyle and Tumbling. Here’s some interesting and fun facts about our newest recruit!

Gymnastics Coach Alex teaches a gymnastics class

Q How long have you been coaching at Flair?
A 3 weeks now.

Q What other coaching experience do you have other than Flair?
A I have been coaching for 15 years. I have worked at various other gymnastics clubs across the country working with both recreational and high performance gymnasts.

Q What is your role at Flair?
A I am coaching at Club Spectrum and Club Sports Park and am Lead Coach at Spectrum on Friday. I am also mentoring the coaching team and contributing to the online training modules within the Flair University. I am working closely with the management team on the development of the Freestyle syllabus as we have lots of children on that programme.

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Coach Alex doing his freestyle gymnastics moves

Q What are your hobbies?
A Martial arts and weightlifting.

Q Did you go to gymnastics classes as a child or adult?
A Yes, I started gymnastics when I was young, maybe 4 or 5. I did gymnastics at my local leisure centre. I went regularly for around a year but then decided to pursue various other interests and sports. I started Free-running at around 10 years old and that became my main interest, also getting into Martial Arts Tricking and Freestyle Gymnastics which I have continued until now.

Q What are you enjoying most about Flair?
A I’m enjoying coaching the children and meeting the Flair families but also getting to know all the coaching team as I mentor them and make sure that our standards are always met.

Alex coaching a child gymnastics at Guildford Spectrum

Q Do you have any pets?

I have a 2 year old Cavapoo called Rosie and a rescue dog called Bertie who is also 2.

Q What’s your favourite sports film?

A There are just too many to choose from! (I’m a BIG movie fan.)
Bruce Lee ‘Enter The Dragon’ – I always loved the philosophy that was portrayed in the film and obviously the awesome martial arts too.
‘Rocky’ movie franchise (any ‘Rocky’ film is great but the first is always a classic.)
‘Ali’ – Will Smith did an amazing job of portraying Mohammed Ali, one of my all time favourite sporting figures.
‘The Karate Kid ‘- the original, not the Jaden Smith remake. I loved the idea of the old master taking on a disciple and teaching him with unorthodox methods that work perfectly when they all come together.

Q Who’s your favourite gymnast?
A Nile Wilson – because he’s so funny!

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We’d love to meet you!

Sophie (Circle)

The Parent’s Champion


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