Want to know how we are running your gymnastics classes safely?

We are super-excited that Club Guildford Spectrum is open for classes and camps and wanted to let you know the preparations that took place to make sure we had everything ready for your child to get back to their gymnastics club safely…

                                                  Flair gymnastics team of coaches


For the past few months, your team has been working really hard to prepare for the re-opening of your clubs. As public places and facilities start to resume, it is very important that we practice safety and safe distancing within our lesson structure. You might be thinking, “How could that be possible in a gymnastics class when it requires body contact and interaction with the coaches?” Your team took part in weekly meetings and continues to take part in these meetings where everyone is able to contribute their ideas for the best way that we can safely run classes following the government guidelines. Your coach will not be physically supporting members for skills, so will be teaching skills that members will not be needing physical support for. However they will be standing close by the landing zones and tumble tracks, so if they need to step in for any safety issue, they will do so.

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It is important that all the coaches know and understand the new structure of the classes and that is why we ran test classes, for your coaches, so that we could practice the process and ensure that everything ran smoothly once you were invited back in. We implemented a step-by-step process that is easy for everyone to follow and made sure that we are all safe and secure. Proper hand sanitisation is practised on the door and enhanced cleaning is taking place before and after every class. We even have a fog machine that cleans the apparatus with electrostatic spray.

Practising lines safely distanced at a gymnastics club in Surrey

Your child is advised by their coaches what to do and where to stand before each section of the class so that it is very easy for them to understand. There are colourful discs to mark where your child should stand during their safely distanced warm-ups and cool-downs! We have separated the mats to allow for safe distancing. 

Children warming up safely distanced at their gymnastics club

Warm-ups are vital for every gymnastics class and we have come up with some super-fun static warm-up exercises and games to go with your adjusted lesson plans. Your coaches have pitched-in a lot of great ideas including a “Zumba-style” warm-up, which sounds really exciting! There is a structured one way system that the children follow when using the apparatus and numbers in each class have been reduced to align with government guidelines.

Happy children on a trampoline at their trampolining clubWE’RE SO HAPPY TO SEE YOUR FACES

Under the new normal, cleanliness and health and safety practices play an eminent role. Our gym equipment is where your child spends most of their time,
so a deep clean was carried out and the same process will occur before you go back to the other venues. 

As we step into the world of the new normal, let’s continue to be vigilant, as we take responsibility for your own health and that of those around you. We will be with you every step of the way to make this transition smooth for you and your children.

GOOD NEWS – We are open for bookings. LIMITED SPACE!

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It’s great to see you again!

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