How can I supercharge my child’s learning at gymnastics camp?

I’ve just been reading about the new series of ‘Doctor Who’ which starts on BBC 1 on Saturday 15th April. It’s going to star Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and Matt Lucas so it’s bound to be another massive success.

I was lucky enough to work on ‘Doctor Who’ in 2005. I appeared in the opening episode of the new series and the episode was called ‘Rose.’ It starred Christopher Eccleston as ‘The Doctor’ and Billie Piper as his companion. I played the character of an ‘Auton.’ The Autons were robots that resembled shop mannequins. They were very scary looking and just the kind of thing that would get you hiding behind your sofa as a child.


But what really got me thinking whilst reading the article about the long awaited new series of ‘Dr.Who’ was…HOW do the BBC create such HIT dramas, like ‘Dr.Who?’

Richard as Auton-568918-edited.jpg

Me as an Auton with Christopher Eccleston as Dr Who

The number ONE ingredient is hiring people that are at the very top of their game…From the script writers, the actors, the crew, the director and everyone (including the stuntmen!) that collaborates.

Now this team of EXPERTS are experts because of their sheer determination, focus and consistent effort at becoming the very best that they can possibly be. They then get selected to work together and create a magical experience for all who watch the show!


I can 100% say that my own TV and movie career has only been possible due to the focus, discipline and complete set of life skills that my gym club and gym coaches taught me. Passing this onto our members, coaches and Flair family is my focus and I want to share this with each child that steps through the doors of a Flair Gym Club through our development programme, teaching syllabus and expert coaching.

Coach Tom and Member-052206-edited.jpg

Having fun with the Coaching Team

You see its all about concentrated effort, persistence and repetition.


•The more that we do something the more it becomes a habit and habits form a skill = success
•Those that stick (persevere) at Gym and come every week will succeed.
•Those that do more than one class a week will succeed faster than those that don’t.
•Those that come to holiday tumble camps will succeed even faster.


It is no coincidence that our Elite Squad Display Team members who attend for 3.5hrs of classes each a week are on higher award levels and are back flipping and somersaulting as a result of their focused effort.

Balancing at Camp-223112-edited.jpg

Learning new skills at Tumble Camp

As a child I always attended holiday tumble camp so that I could continue to succeed and repeat the skills taught to me at my weekly classes. I realise that down-time and time away from the gym is ‘important’, balance is certainly a life skill that as adults we continually work at. HOWEVER, repetition is the mother of skill!


So how can I super-charge my child’s learning at gymnastics camp? I hear you ask.

Holiday Gymnastics Camps are a great way to learn FAST since they are concentrated effort in blocks of 4 hours every day – that’s like 4 weekly classes crammed into 1 day;  multiply that by attending each day and you get….. months of learning in the space of just 1 week.

This is how all super-successful people on this planet learn and succeed!

disney coaches-958595-edited.jpgThe Coaching Team!

I will leave you with that thought and if you would like your child to become super-successful whilst having bundles of fun at Easter Tumble Camp or Trampolining Masterclass at either Club Spectrum in Guildford or Club Weybridge


Or just call us on 01483 654440

We can’t wait to see you.

Richard Dwyer

Flair Gymnastics Founder & CEO

P.S. It’s so easy to book your next Tumble Camp and Trampolining Masterclass.



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