How excited are you to return to your school and gymnastics club?

It’s a strange time for us all and I just want to say a huge thank you for supporting your club during this lock down period. Amid the continuous stream of baffling news, your words of encouragement and moral support keep us going as we get ready to return to your club…

I hope your child is enjoying their time at home during this period. Have they learnt any new skills or got any new hobbies during lock down? What is their favourite thing to do? Have they developed an interest in cooking, a new craft, playing a new instrument or reading? Are they improving their gymnastics skills? I’m excited to know and I am confident that they have unleashed their inner creativity!

A child drawing a family in a house.

I have read all your comments on Gym Classroom and I’m delighted to see how the children have been engaging with the videos and have learnt lots of new gymnastics techniques whilst in lockdown. Great job! 

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We’ve been keeping up with your social media posts and I was happy to see how you celebrated VE Day 75 despite being in isolation. It is heartwarming to witness a revival of community spirit.

Soldiers on horses and union jack flags at Pall Mall

Did you join in with the weekly ‘Clap for our Carers’ every Thursday night, standing on your doorstep or in your garden banging your saucepans and tooting horns! When the going gets really tough, we have all come together to support each other. It makes me proud to be British!  

This situation might have changed a lot of things for us but most importantly, it has strengthened our spirits. This is one of the other unexpected outcomes of the pandemic because when it comes down to our families, it has brought us closer together. Previously, we would all be in different places or attending different daily activities that have kept us away from our family members. And now we’ve been able to sit together as a family, enjoying films and eating together. This crisis is making us realise that the little things in life, like watching your child play, sleep, and eat, is what matters the most.

A mum opening a present from her child sitting beside her.

The past few months have been a roller coaster ride for us all and it might have taken a toll on most of us, yet we have seen how you have supported the Gym Classroom and workshops from the beginning. This has been keeping us going and wanting to improve more to give you the best experience possible whilst you and your child are at home. I am thankful for your support and feedback and thank you for encouraging your child to take part in our online workshops, classes and workouts. We all miss the children during this isolation period and seeing them at our SEND and Squad Zoom classes and ‘Live’ workshops makes us happy as we get to see their excited faces. This would not be possible without our wonderful coaches, especially Coach Dani, Coach Corinna, and Coach Emma. I’m sure the children also love doing the workouts and classes with their favourite coaches as they work on their gymnastics technique and prepare themselves for our first classes back at the club. We are in close contact with your club and are working towards a July re-opening date depending on updates from the Government.

A girl practicing her gymnastics technique at her gym club.

We can all see that this has had a massive impact and I want to thank you for not giving up on us! Thank you for believing in our organisation. We are all going through a hard time but with renewed community spirit, we will make it to the other side.  

Two girls having fun together at their gymnastics club
Thank you once again for supporting your club and for continuing to encourage your child throughout their gymnastics journey and adventure. We really appreciate it. Let us continue to support each other and I look forward to seeing the children back where they belong at their clubs really soon looking truly happy again!

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Best wishes,

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Founder & CEO



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