We were thinking of you when we created our brand new Student Training Diaries. We know that you are going to love using these diaries and we can’t wait to hear your feedback on them.

They have been designed with personalised learning at their core, to map, track and feedback to you so that you can see exactly what your child is working on and for you to follow their progress through the syllabus

It's all about family


Around this time, every other year, there always seems to be a new James Bond film at the cinema and this year it is ‘Spectre’ starring Daniel Craig.


It's all about family

In 1995 I was part of the stunt team that worked on ‘Goldeneye’ starring Pierce Brosnan as Bond, working closely with Mark Mottram who was the stunt double for Pierce in a number of the James Bond films.


It's all about family


If you hear a celebrity being interviewed and they say “I do all my own stunts” please take this with a large pinch of salt. Can you honestly imagine a film director being allowed to put their headlining star in any sort of danger. NO WAY! So any of the scenes where James Bond had to fight his enemies or make his escape by leaping off buildings or cliff-tops, that’s where the great Mark Mottram takes over. I was there to help Mark with the rigs and safety. A lot of the scenes that we were filming that were set in Monte Carlo were actually filmed in Pinewood Studios in England with the help of a green screen so maybe not as glamorous as what you’d expect.

When you work as part of a stunt team you get very close as you are looking after each other’s safety first and foremost. You have to show each other a lot of respect. You have to really trust each other, make firm bonds and almost become like a family.

It's all about family

I have brought this ethos into our Flair clubs too. Our coaching teams are looking after your children with safety utmost in their minds. The coaches make strong bonds with the children and the children in turn trust their coaches to nurture and support them in their progress. As they progress they become happier and celebrate their successes with their coaches and it does become a Flair family and it’s really great to see.

We have a set of values that we all follow and bring into the coaching at Flair and showing respect for ourselves and for each other is one of our core values.

 It's all about family

Thank you for continuing to support your coaches decisions that they make for your child’s learning. As expert coaches, they really do know best and they appreciate the respect that you show them. It is vital for us to all be on the same page and by following a shared vision it creates the very best learning environment for every single child.

As an upbeat, positive club we enjoy the positive vibe that carries throughout each and every class and we love seeing each child happy and excited at their class and I know, from having spoken to many of you that that’s something you love to see for your children too.

So, I would like to thank you for being an awesome Flair parent. Thank you for respecting your coaches who continue to nurture your unique and special child as part of their growth and development in the Flair family.

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