So how do we keep the power of love at your gym club week in, week out?


The Power of Love

Hello. I hope you are all experiencing the power of love and that you were able to spend Valentine’s Day with the most special people in your life. But Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love. It’s also about being extra thoughtful and caring towards your friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues. 

 The Power of Love


So how do we keep the power of love at your Flair Gym Clubs week in, week out? It’s easy. We all really love what we are doing at Flair and we are all passionate about gymnastics.

Do you really love your career? How are your career goals for 2017 going that we spoke about in last month’s blog and on Tumble TV? I hope they are going really well.

I’m very lucky that I have always loved what I do, be it gymnastics, acting, stunts and now running the Flair company. I only ever hire gymnastics coaches who are passionate about gymnastics coaching too. Not only do they love teaching others but the sport that they teach thrills them as well. Our coaches feel complete when they work with and talk about what they love. Having passionate teachers motivates your children to be passionate about the sport too as I’m sure you have noticed. Another important thing is that I only ever hire positive people.  Our coaches all have positive mindsets and we ask that you help to keep your child in the zone through positive reinforcement and encouragement of their class achievements. Thank you for your continued help with this.  


The Power of Love

When we train our coaches at our development courses to teach gymnastics, we always encourage them to pass on their passion for gymnastics to every student because as role models to each child it’s incredibly inspiring to be taught by someone who joyously expresses their love of a subject. In fact, it’s contagious! At Flair we know that passion is cool! (It’s also one of our core values.)

The Power of Love

Think back to your school days. I’m sure there is at least one teacher that stands out in your memory. I bet you can even remember their name. Did they teach their subject to you in an unusual or especially creative way? Did the passion that they felt for their subject affect you strongly? Did their love of their subject affect you enough to change your life and your career path? It did mine and I’m sure that I am not alone. There were two incredible teachers at my primary school, Kenyngton Manor in Sunbury on Thames. My drama teacher Tim Calloway was amazing. We did a lot of improvisational games where my imagination went wild. I’d lose myself in scenes involving spaceships and time travel! He lit the spark which started my journey of becoming a child actor. My P.E. teacher was Sheila Collins and she is the person who supported me with my gymnastics journey and kept my love of sport alive each week at school, she even brought my mum (also a gym coach) into the school to coach us all gymnastics at lunch times and after school. Both of these teachers helped to change my life dramatically and I can’t thank them enough for that.


The Power of Love


We want our Flair coaches to really inspire your children but most of all we want your children to have a super fun time at class because we know that we all learn best when we are having fun. Smiles and laughter are always encouraged at each and every Flair class. We hope you enjoy feeling the power of love at your gym club this February and all year through.

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